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Blogging For Money With a Blog

Once you have your blog site prepared and designed, you’ll want to figure out how you can generate traffic. Generating traffic to your website is how you’ll begin blogging for money. Some of the reasons increasing your traffic to your blog is important is particularly because a lot of bloggers use Google Adsense. You’ll have a couple of advertisements on your page (the 250×300 size is beneficial) and based on how much traffic your blog generates in a month, you can have a steady flow of income. Some other important aspects of creating a money making blog could be through affiliate programming.

Affiliate programming is taking a service or product from a vendor website, and creating yourself an affiliate account from that business. This is basically generating referrals to offer products or services. Most of the time, you’ll gain commission at a fixed percentage. One great example of this is a survey-taking site such as Treasure Trooper. For every referral that you acquire, you gain 20% off of how much they earn, and then even an additional 5% of how much their referrals earn! So let’s say, you have acquired 10 referrals, and each of them earn $100 a month. If you get 20% of each referral’s earnings, you just made an easy $200! When you’re blogging for money, you’ll want to take into consideration some of the highest paying or more lucrative affiliate programs. You won’t want to waste your time trying to put together a money making blog if you won’t even generate any clicks off of your affiliate referral links. [Read: g]

Another great way that you could blog for money is to have an e-book, and use a blog post as an advertisement. This is particularly effective if you’re talented in a specific area that you could have secrets or valuable information to share with others. You can use your blog post to help validate the information you’re sharing by explaining why readers need your product. If you can get this point across in 500 words or less, and make it clear to your readers that they won’t be disappointed with your e-book, you’re sure to make a sale! If you start out with and decide to write two or three 10,000 word e-books (it’s approximately 25 pages in a word processor), you could probably generate a steady stream of income that you’re sure to be proud of. Publishing an e-book is also a great way to make a name for yourself if it’s successful.

Some people write e-books that are complete garbage just so they can make as many as possible, sell them cheap, and hope people will buy them because of how diverse they are—don’t do this! Write well thought-out content that you’re sure to be proud of, your readers will thank you for this. If you are not familiar with the website called smartpassiveincome.com by Pat Fynn then I suggest you spend some time reading through his site. Pat Fynn has an e-book with great information that could help you find your niche.

Now that you have some great ideas to begin blogging for money, it’s time to put this knowledge to the test. You can begin through affiliate marketing, advertisement, or e-book authoring, and be confident that over time, you’ll start generating the income you were hoping for.

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