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Guide on How to Find Keywords

How To Find Keywords

Optimizing your web content is a very important thing to do for every blogger.  Search engine optimization is highly beneficial in a couple of ways but more importantly because it helps make your blog more popular hence attracting more traffic and as a result, generating more income from your site.  SEO can however be accomplished through the right use of keywords.  Prior research on the right type of keywords to use is very important.  Though it is a bit hard to research on them, there are a couple of tools that can help you generate the right keywords for your site.  Discussed below are the essential tools that one can use to guide them on how to find keywords.

The Google AdWords keyword tool is one of the most popularly tool used by bloggers towards their quest of finding the right keywords to use on their sites.  The tool guides the user on finding keywords that are relevant for their site and that are targeted to a specific audience. Furthermore, it can show the number of searches made for that particular keyword hence enabling you to know how strong, relevant and popular it is among its users.

Similarly, the Google Wonder Wheel can help you generate the same keyword results for your site.  This tool is provided by Google and can be accessed easily by clicking on the ‘Show option’ on the Google main home page.  Just like the Google AdWords keyword tool, the Wonder wheel guides you on how to find keywords that are both of relevance to your site as well as those that are within your niche.  The tool is provided free of charge.

Word Tracker is yet another impressive tool that can help you towards your search for the most popular and relevant keywords to use for your site.  This tool can be accessed for free but a Premium version is also available to access more results.  To use it, simply type a phrase or a keyword search.  The results show the total number of searches generated from that particular keyword.  However, this tool is only available in United States.

WordStream too can also be an alternative to helping you find keywords.  The tool has a database of millions and millions of keywords.  It is very simple to use more so because it categorises keywords based on their niche.  Furthermore, it shows a list of recommended keywords that you may use for your site and has a Video guide on how to go about optimizing your site.

Lastly is the keyword spy.  The tool guides you on how to find keywords by giving you information on what keywords your competitors may be using hence by presenting you with an opportunity to outdo them.  You can use the tool by entering domains or urls of various sites.  It can further guide you towards finding the most competitive keywords in the market.  More importantly is the fact that Keyword Spy can be accessed for free at no cost.

If you are not already using any of these free keyword tools for your SEO. I highly recommend you take some time to check them out and see if you are using the right keywords for your targeted audience.

Over To You: Readers,  what do you think is the best way to find keywords? What tips can you share with the community?

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