3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online For Free

3 Easy Ways To Make Money Online For Free

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The Internet is home to a vast amount of opportunities to make money online for free. It all depends on your efforts and what kind of talents you have. Do you have excellent writing skills? Do you have a unique personality? Do you have an artistic mind? Those are just about a handful of skills that will help you succeed online. If you have any of those skills then you are able to find a way to make money online.

However, even if you aren’t skilled in those areas, there are still plenty of easy ways to make money online for free. It can be as easy as watching a video or filling out a survey.

#1- YouTube

YouTube is an excellent opportunity to make money online for free. What you need is an interesting personality that you can express to million of people on the Internet. Next, you will need to find out what you want to show you audience. Some examples are video blogging (vlogging), video game commentary, make-up tutorials, or comedy sketches. Some great examples of popular YouTubers that are making good money on YouTube are Smosh (comedy sketches), PewDiePie (video game commentary), Michelle Phan (make-up tutorials), and Nigahiga (comedy sketeches).

 #2 – Odesk

Odesk.com is the home of an endless amount of job opportunities. The jobs on Odesk range from article writing, data entry, web design, translation, transcription, and so much more. It’s fast and easy to create your very own profile to show all your employers who you are and what you can do. Then, you just search what you want to do and all the jobs will be listed for you to apply. Odesk is definitely an easy way to make money online for free. Patience is the key to landing your very first job on Odesk!

#3 – SuperPay.Me and SwagBucks.com

I want to introduce to you two websites that you can make money online for free. First, SuperPay.Me is a unique site where you are paid to simply answer surveys, click links, and watch videos. Once you make the money you can just transfer them to your own PayPal account. Next, SwagBucks.com is a similar website, but instead of making cash you are making ‘swagbucks’ that you can use to buy gift cards or even get cash to your PayPal account. Furthermore, you can use your Swagbucks to enter sweepstakes to win cash, electronics, giftcards, and so much more. [Read: The Three Best Ways to Make Money Online]


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