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How to Make Money Through Your Blog

There are a number of ways used by bloggers all over the world when it comes to making money as a  blogger. Here you will find some tips of blogging for money from a variety of sources. One of the methods is through monthly advertisements, where they sell ad space on their websites. You join a company like BuySellAds and become a publisher. Once you are all setup you can specify how much you want to sell a specific ad size on your website. The more traffic you get the more money you will make. You can also advertise directly on your website.  This way if someone is visiting your website and they like what they see and they want to advertise on your website they can contact you directly. This is a great option as it’ll maximize your profits as you won’t have to pay a third party.

The other most popular way for blogging for money is through pay per click advertisement. The best way to run PPC ad is by using Google adsense. Another alternative choice is infolinks. You make money whenever someone clicks on the link. So if your website has good content and you did proper keyword research you could be making money through your blog. Another option is through digital downloads. This is a method mostly used by websites that sell e-books and digital download products such as premium design resources, word press themes, and textures. This is a passive way to earn through your blog. You simply create a link and set it up so that people pay and download.

Another method of blogging for money is through affiliate promotions. In this method, you are able to make money from the products you promote in your blog even though you are not the owner of the products yourself. When you are an affiliate for someone else, you can make great earnings when you send sales and traffic to them. For instance, you sign up and advertise word press themes elegant themes and promoting quality products through your blog.

Donations are another way for blogging for money. What you do here is push out a lot of content for free and ask for donations. The appeal for donations may work for some readers who will be impressed by the free content they are not paying for and drop something. Do not expect everyone who visits your blog to donate. Make this easier by setting up a donate button for PayPal at the end of the blog and let them choose the amount they would like to donate. An example of such a website is Lost and Taken which provides plenty of free content and has a donate button at the end of the posts.

Lastly is a  method through membership packages. When you have a blog, you can set up a membership area that enables you to post your content for viewers to view freely.  Then you also offer an extra special content whereby users have to pay for to view. What bloggers do is post a premium package for its members and leaves the rest of the posts free for public viewing. The extra special content generates a lot of interest and people are left curious to know what is in the content.

Do you have any other ways on how to make money through your blog you would like to share?

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