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Some Blogging Jobs That You Might Consider Taking

More and more people acknowledge the power of using the internet to get jobs online. Creating blogs is another  way that people are using to toe get ahead and earn some extra income on the side. Blogs are always popping up every day in websites and these are opportunities to find work as a blogger.  Some of the blogging jobs that you can find and consider taking up is free-lance blogging which compiles a list of blogging jobs from around the web such as Elance. Craigslist is another place where people post blogging jobs but I would use caution when using such services on Craigslist as it can get tricky!


Blogging jobs are normally advertised all over the internet from all over the world. In their advertisements there are specifics that will be required by the potential employer before you are hired. For instance Daren Atkinson a business based in the UK made an advertisement on bloggers with interest focus on UK wedding and parties. Here you will be required to write high quality content for their website and social blog. If you have experience in the social media then that is an added advantage. Other important skills that will be required are researching skills, identifying blogs, source for images and experience in word press and websites.

There are many topics that are advertised out in the market and you would not miss out on a topic that not only interests you but also one that you are very good at. If you are more conservative and want to write about inspiration blogs, you can’t miss a Christian based organization that needs writers for its blog or website. They should also be familiar with SEO and target groups online. What is required is ability to meet deadlines, writing high quality articles with relevant content.

Blogging jobs would require a person who can cover a wide variety of topics and is open-minded. Some of the topics you may find include family, lifestyle, humanitarian, technology, beliefs, church, nutrition, sports, health, and work related scenarios among others. Some topics such as inspiration and topics that touch people’s lives may need a shutterstock_109989959(1) smallperson who has life experience in that particular topic. For instance a cancer survivor, a war survivor or recovering alcoholic can have a perspective on writing a blog that other people would not have. There is also legal blog writing where the writer is a specialist of law. The blogs they write can be narrow to their specialization in law.

The good thing about blogging jobs is the fact that you can work at the comfort of your home without leaving the house. All that you need is access to the internet and a laptop and some writing skills. Another advantage is that you do not have to show up at the work place in order for you to complete your task. As long as you have the equipment mentioned above, you can do your work at any time. These are just a few of the reasons why people are attracted to blogging jobs. It does not require a lot.



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