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Helpful Tools To Check Your Keyword Density

When it comes to SEO, keyword density is extremely important because it is one of the key factors that search engines are looking for to determine if you’re content is eligible. If you don’t have any keyword density in your article then the search engines will have no idea what your content is about. Thus, it will have a hard time appearing on the search results because people would not be able to find it. Therefore, it is important to have at least 2%-6% keyword density in your article depending on the length.

Keyword Density

Often people ask me, “How can I maintain a good balance of keywords in my content?” There are many tools on the internet that you may use to help you determine the keyword density of any article that you’ve written. This way you’ll know if you’re doing your SEO correctly. You don’t want to write a 500 word article and have about 15 keywords in it. This is known as keyword stuffing and should be avoided. Here I’ve listed six helpful tools that you can use on your content or articles to find out the keyword density. These tools are all unique in their own way.

Of course, this is a must-have tool because like the title says it all. It Checks your keyword density in your articles. Furthermore, it also checks your Meta tags on your page as well.

If you’re looking to compare the keyword density of two articles than this is the tool to get. Input both URLs of the content and it will help you analyze them. Very simple to use!

This is a handy tool to check how many of the same keyword(s) is repeated in your article. It is great to use if you article is extremely long.

This is a highly advanced tool that helps you check all the elements of SEO on a page like title, headings, and ALT. It will determine the importance of the keywords and how much is on it.

Here is another tool that allows you to enable Meta content. It is run by Google so it should always be available to use.  I listed this tool just in case the other one doesn’t work.

A highly effective tool that is unique because it also has an option to check the links and ALT tags. It can help you analyze single keywords or even keyphrases of two or three different terms. This tool determines the density of phrases based on real contiguous words.

Have you used any of these tools for your website? If so, have they worked for you?

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