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Key Insights That Improve Your Search Rankings

Thanks to Google’s Panda and Penguin updates, search engine marketers have started focusing on quality content all over again. At least for the time being, they have halted keyword stuffing and link-building.

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that an SEO’s job is to produce high-quality content. It is true that SEO has changed, but the basic concepts still remain the same. So, what does SEO mean in the changing landscape? Here are some useful insights.

You Don’t Necessarily Have To Rank One

It is true that the first three listings attract the highest number of clicks. However, now author profiles also appear along with search results, and they often decide which listing will be clicked on. That means you don’t have to rank number one to get visitors.

No Exact Match Keywords

Keywords may be still important, but now you don’t have to write exact match keywords. Instead, focus on writing a catchy title that will explain what the page is about. This not only improves search rankings, but also attracts more clicks. You must still include your keywords in the title and in the body of your article. As far as keyword density is considered, well, there is not magic figure. The key is making the keyword a natural part of the text.

You Can No Longer Ignore Social Media

Sites that have a sizable fan-following on social media networks like Facebook and Twitter now enjoy improved rankings in search results.

The H1 Tag Has Lost Much Of Its Importance

The H1, H2 and H3 tags are primarily meant for styling purposes. They no longer play a role in improving your search performances.

Other Domains That Link To Your Primary Site Don’t Improve Its Rankings

This used to work in the past, but it no longer works. Search engines are clever enough to understand which domains are associated with your account. And when you link to your own sites or redirect, you aren’t passing much link juice. So, instead of working with multiple domains to simply increase the link popularity of your primary domain, you need to focus on it.

Content Is More Important Than Links

If you have to choose between content creation and link building, you need to go with the former. Good content will attract links on its own. Linking is no longer a numbers game and quality matters much more than quantity.

SEO Is About Improving User Experience

That is true. Write for your audience, not for the search engines. SEO brings visitors, but if your site doesn’t provide a good user experience, they won’t stick around.

SEO is still important. In fact, we are moving towards the age of all in one SEO where the whole focus is on improving user experience.

Author: Summer H.


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