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Aging Skin and the Harmful Elements

So you take all the necessary precautions for that precious skin of yours. But your simple innocuous habits may just be undermining all your efforts. These habits may be as simple as that early morning coffee that you relish before leaving for work. Dr Deborah Wattenberg, dermatologist New York, gives certain tips to ensure a younger as well as healthy skin.  While the snakes may shed their skin each season, you don’t, so care for it.

Smoking Kills


Yet while you might have heard this phrase like a hundred million times, it is true. Smoking as per Wattenberg tends to be the worst habit for the skin, yet several women still light up. Nicotine found in cigarettes tends to destroy elasticity of the skin and leads to wrinkles. Smoking affects blood vessels of the body by restricting the flow of oxygen making the skin appear dull as well as sallow.

Coffee, Candy, and Wine- The three Culprits


These are the three vices which may be wrecking your looks. Alcohol as well as caffeine tends to work like diuretics, thereby preventing the body from holding any water. This leads to dry skin which would have a prune-like appearance. Remain hydrated and let that skin keeps glowing.

Sleep Over For the Glow


While most people feel that mere 6 hours are sufficient for sleeping, the skin has its own time limits. Lack of sleep tends to greatly reflect on your skin. When one avoids sleep the stress will initiate release of cortisol hormone which makes the skin oily leading to acne and less attractive skin.

Acne Prone Skin Needs Care


Wattenberg says that when the skin tends to break out it is important not to scrub the face aggressively. This would result in irritation and worsening of the acne. At such times it would be really beneficial to know that acne is not caused by unclean skin but rather by hormonal changes. It is advised to use product with salicylic acid base.

Screen the Sun Out


While it might be winters but the skin still needs its application of sunscreen. Sunscreen must be reapplied at least thrice in the entire day as just one application will hardly screen you from the harmful rays of the sun throughout the day. This specially stands for those countries where the weather turns to snow. The sun tends to reflect the snow leading to skin burns and damaging the skin.

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