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Are you a Puffer Fish? Then Why Look like One?

After an entire week of stressing and brainstorming at the office, everyone deserves to spend some good time and have fun. The first thing that you would probably want to do is wear good clothes so that you look cool enough to party, but once you start pulling your jeans up, you realize that you no longer fit into them because of your bloated tummy.

Bloating of the belly is a very common phenomenon when people are suffering from stress or anxiety, gastric problems, and retaining of excessive fluids etc. Let’s see how we can troubleshoot this problem.


Pick Potassium

Potassium rich fruits and veggies help in reduction of a bloated stomach. It reduces the excessive fluids that are formed in our stomach. Foods with high potassium content include bananas, nuts, tomatoes, spinach, mangoes, and asparagus. Asparagus acts like a bonus because of the amino acid present in it. Amino acid helps the body to throw out all the unessential liquids in the form of urine.

Mind Your Mouth

Habits that support opening of the mouth too much are said to be one of the causes of additional stomach bloat. For instance, chewing gum, using a straw, talking during eating, and smoking can cause a bulge.


Stay away from carbohydrates at night. Foods such as bread and pasta have carbs and tend to retain water in the body. Try avoiding them so that you do not wake up with a heavy stomach.

Say No To Bubbles

Aerated drinks incorporate lots of air which puffs our stomach quickly. Stick to plain drinks such as lemonades and juices. These are tasty as well as healthy for the body.

PMS Issues

If your stomach tends to act funny before or after periods, don’t worry. Increase your calcium intake. Increasing calcium intake can subdue the monthly bulge.

Physical Pressure

Inducing physical pressure on your abdomen can help your body release excessive gas. Massage your abdomen in a circular motion to release all the tension from the stomach.

Jog It Off

Lastly, try going for a short stroll, walk, or a jog. This will help in proper blood circulation within your body as you breathe in fresh air and exhale carbon dioxide.

These are the best ways to overcome that weird and disappointing puffer fish look. You no longer have to suffer from that bloat. Try them and get stunned by the amazing results.

Author: Summer H.


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