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Bad Habits That Cause Acne

While the freaky and carefree days of college may become a thing of the past, you might still be haunted by their ghost- acne. No matter how old you get, you can still be affected by horrible acne.  And who’s to blame? Actually, it’s your lifestyle. Since teenagers follow a carefree lifestyle, they are the ones to be affected by acne the most. If you still follow the same unhealthy and carefree way of living, no surprise you have been hit by the acne monster. And it doesn’t leave easily, does it? This article discusses a few habits which must be avoided in order to get rid of that dreadful acne.


  • Before you apply makeup, stop and read what’s in it. It is best to stop using makeup which has ingredients that cause irritation to your skin. I use only safe makeup products that are made using natural ingredients. Avoid products with artificial color, lanolin, mineral oil, petroleum, isopropyl myristate, or any type of artificial fragrance.
  • Stop over drying the face by using soap, harsh cleaners, or alcohol based toners. Dryness leads to irritation of skin which then starts producing more oil as it tries to naturally correct itself. Even when you wash your face with just water, make sure you pat dry your face lightly and not rub it too hard.
  • Physical pressure caused by cell phones, instruments like violin, or even a hand resting to protect the face from sun’s rays can trigger acne. This exposes the skin to harmful bacteria. So make sure whatever touches your skin is clean.
  • Work overload and stress may also cause acne by increasing the level of certain hormones. Therefore, it is important to get adequate rest and avoid negativity. Stay away from stress and think positive.
  • Dirty clothing is another cause of acne. For example, your face rests against your pillow cover for several hours each day, and if that cover is dirty then you are mixing dead cells along with bacteria. Also avoid using fabric softeners as they have harsh chemical components which act as irritants to the skin.
  • Hair products may also be the root cause of your acne problems. You must avoid hair products that contain harmful chemicals as they tend to clog skin pores.

Avoid these habits and have healthy skin. Make sure you follow a good lifestyle to avoid acne and other skin ailments. Do you have something you’d like to share with us?

Author: Summer H.


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