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The Best and Most Realistic Tips to Help You Ladies Stay Healthy

Every woman’s mental ‘to do’ list includes things like eat healthy, start diet, do more exercise, etc but sometimes our hectic lives just don’t allow us to really get stuck into looking after ourselves the way we would all truly like to.

So why not try these healthy tips for women that are specifically collected with the purpose of boosting your well being. They are a little different to what you may expect, but each one will benefit your overall health, whether lowering stress levels or giving you an energy boost, they are all useful and easily achievable.

Laugh more! Silly as it sounds it’s one of the best health tips for women. Laughing massively reduces stress levels, gets your blood rushing, works your stomach and jaw muscles and energizes you. (The opposite of frowning, which does work your facial muscles more intensely, but it doesn’t have a flattering effect in the long run, I’m sure you know what frown lines look like!)

skipping-breakfastOne of the most important but readily forgotten healthy tips for women is don’t skip your breakfast, no matter how busy you are! Eating a balanced breakfast will boost your day’s energy levels. Just think, if you eat your evening meal no later than 8pm and then skip breakfast the next morning and don’t eat until lunch at midday, that’s 16 hours without food. That is pushing your body to the limit and there is no wonder why you begin to feel stressed, irritable and sluggish, even if you eat a snack at say, 10 am, its just not enough your body needs sustenance.

Did you know that sex is a brilliant way to boost your well-being?

Take a peek at your poop. Gross as is may seem, you can learn a lot about what your diet is lacking from spying on your mess. What you are ideally going for is a smooth, brown S-shape that will more than likely match the shape of your colon. If yours doesn’t match this description then it would be worth your while to do research into what your diet is lacking with a little Internet research.

Allow yourself time to rest and sleep to boost your well being. No matter how busy your life is your body will thank you and perform so much better if you get enough rest. Ideally you need between 7 and 9 hours sleep per night depending on your individual body clock.

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