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Should I Choose A Low Carb Or a Low Calorie Diet?

The eternal search for a sound diet plan continues… I have been struggling for years to find a suitable answer. Weight loss regimens don’t seem to give the promised results. The abundance of diet products and plans in the market complicates the issues further. I’ve seen that two of the most popular approaches to losing weight include measuring carbs and reducing calories. I met some nutrition experts to discuss the finer points of low calorie and low carb diets and here’s what they came up with.

The Low Carb Diet

People on low carb diets restrict intakes of foods like rice, bread, veggies such as carrots, potatoes, and fruits. Often low carb diets are high in fat and protein. Low carb dieters presume that their diet will control blood sugar levels in the body. This will induce insulin release which makes the fat breakdown difficult. The lower insulin release will ultimately lead to weight loss. Also when there are less carbs, your body will break down fats to provide energy. The experts didn’t fully support this view. [ Read: List of Low Carb & Low Calorie Foods]

Low carb diet – a short-term solution

Low carb diet results can be seen faster, but the quick spiral in weight reduction doesn’t last long. You lose lots of water during the first few weeks and so see significant weight loss. You’re also likely to regain this weight quickly. The low calorie diet gives more promising results. Along with carb cutting, you’re also cutting down on fiber and nutrients as well as disease-fighting antioxidants.

 I’ve seen that low carb dieters generally eat fatty foods which are high in calories. This strains their kidneys because they need to metabolize the accompanying extra protein. Also excess protein results in loss of calcium from bones. This is totally unhealthy!

A Smart Solution

Though tracking calories is a dependable weight loss method, it’s important to count carbs too. For optimal results, you need to arrive at a balance between eating carbs correctly and counting calories. So basically you need a balanced low calorie diet. Eating fewer calories and burning more of them by regular exercise is a lifelong solution to weight control. Make sure not to consume too few calories because then you’re likely to binge eat. Your metabolism slows down and you can get nutrient deficiencies over a period of time. A low calorie diet is a good idea if your calories are balanced.

You shouldn’t eliminate carbs completely; go for complex carbs which don’t have a high glycemic index, for example, whole grain cereals and breads, legumes and beans. Try your new and healthy low calorie diet and let me know how it worked out for you.

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Author: Summer H.


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