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Deep Relaxation Techniques To Help You Relieve Stress

Unfortunately, stress is part of life. Everyone has a certain amount stress in their lives. Some have more than others while some have less. Fortunately, there is a simple concept that will help you relieve stress. This concept is known as deep relaxation. The techniques involved in deep relaxation are a mixture of meditation, deep breathing, yoga, and rhythmic exercises. Here is a simple breakdown of these techniques in hopes to help your relieve stress.


Deep Breathing

Believe it or not, but deep breathing is one of the most powerful techniques to relieve stress. It’s such a powerful tool that the human body can perform but is often overlooked. You can perform this technique just about anywhere, in your room, at the park or beach, or even where you are right now. Furthermore, it’s a quick way to help refresh your mind and relieve unnecessary stress. Here are some helpful tips on deep breathing.

  • Practice inhaling and exhaling slowly. Inhale for a couple of seconds and then exhale for the same number of seconds. Once you feel comfortable you can increase the breathing by a second and you will immediately feel relaxed.
  • Avoid laying down when you are doing this exercise because you don’t want to suddenly fall asleep or become sleepy. Instead, sit upright and close your eyes.
  • Turn on some relaxing music that will improve your mood. Perhaps some classical music or piano tunes.

Practice Visualization

Visualization is a traditional mediation that will help you work out all 5 of your senses, sight, taste, sound, touch, and smell. When used as a deep relaxation, it will help you imagine a scene where you feel you are most at peace with and then you will feel free and let go of all your worries.

Now close your eyes, and imagine the most peaceful place that you know. Picture this place as clear as possible and just try to incorporate at least 3 of the 5 senses. Here are some more examples that you can incorporate in your visualization mediation.

  • Smell the fresh grass.
  • Listen to the owls hooting.
  • See the large, bright full moon.
  • Feel the windy breeze
  • Taste the fresh and cleansing air.

Tips On Improving Deep Relaxation Techniques In Your Life:

  • Avoid performing deep relaxation techniques when you are sleepy. The techniques will work in full effect when you are most awake.
  • Set up a schedule on when to perform these techniques so you can be consistent and won’t forget.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Wherever you are, you can incorporate deep relaxation techniques. Mediate when you are waiting at the doctor’s office, on the bus to work, or even when you are at home doing house chores.

Your thoughts: What relaxation techniques do you practice to relieve stress? Tell us the most effective technique you use to relax!

Author: Summer H.


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