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How To Eat Healthy In Restaurants?

Eating healthy in restaurantsFor most people dining out the food is gulped down without too much thought. Without paying heed to the mindless eating, this can lead to many repercussions on one’s health. The question is why is it important to eat healthy? In order to understand this, let us look at the basic digestion process that happens in the body. Your body extracts nutrients from whatever food you are eating so that you can stay healthy and energized. So let’s say you are eating junk or unhealthy stuff.

This junk food goes into the system as a useless sludge, which is without any nutrition and is nothing but a load of calories. You don’t get any useful nutrients or vitamins from the food or if you do, you get very little. How are you supposed to be healthy and energized after eating food that gives you nothing in return and instead adds fat deposits into your system that further make you unhealthy?

It is sad to see that because of the convenience and cheap availability of fast food people are so easily attracted to theses calorie dense fatty foods. The unhealthy food that we get from eating at restaurants is not only full of calories, but is a health hazard that can result in serious health issues. So be at home or dining out, eating healthy organic food with a lot of fiber is absolutely necessary for your body’s health. Here’s how to eat out and still eat healthy.

Plan Ahead

Eat before you go out so that when you get to the restaurant you are not as hungry and won’t overeat. Since you won’t be as hungry when you get there you can choose a smaller dish and choose a healthier option rather than binging on junk food because you are starving. If you are not hungry you can just order a light meal such as a salad with low fat dressing.

Don’t Starve Before Going Out

Don’t starve yourself during the day so that you can eat more at the restaurant later. Eat light healthy low calorie and low fat meals throughout the day if you know that you will be going out to eat because this will help keep your metabolism up throughout the day. Starvation will only help you gain weight not help you lose it.

Choose Whole Grain

Whole grains should be ordered in place of simple white carbohydrates. This rule goes for pasta, rice, pita, bread etc.

Start With a Salad

eating-a-saladAlways start with a vegetable salad as it is rich in vitamins and minerals. This is a healthy choice plus its filling too. It results in less food intake as it has fiber which gives you the feeling of fullness. Always order the dressing on the side, this way you get to decide how many dressing calories you can afford to take in.

Method of Preparation

Always order steamed, broiled, baked, or grilled options for your meal. Avoid unhealthy fried or sautéed food which lacks useful nutrients.

Drink Water


Drink water as it is the best zero calories drink there is. Nothing can quench your thirst better than a tall chilled glass filled with water.

Portion Control


Most of the restaurants offer king size portions. Always order a regular size portion, as a king size portion will be hard on your waistline and you will most likely end up eating more than 1,000 calories if not more. If they don’t serve regular portions, split the meal with someone and eat half or a third of it. Most of the portion sizes at restaurants give you three times the normal serving size. So if you eat one third of the plate, you will actually be eating the correct serving size.

Listen To Your Body’s Signals

The stomach signals you to stop eating when it’s full. So be attentive to the signal and stop and put the leftover in your doggy bag and take it home to eat when you get hungry later. Always remember that your health should be your main concern and in order to achieve it, always follow healthy eating habits.  remember one thing “Always eat to live, not live to eat”.

What tips can you offer when it comes to eating healthy in restaurants?

Author: Summer H.


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