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Learn simple strategies to overcome binge eating and food cravings!


One of the biggest challenges that people wanting to lose fat have, is overcoming binge eating. For a lot of people it is extremely hard to fight against the desire to eat their favorite foods, which don`t help them lose fat. Often it seems like a losing battle! People start off their fat loss program with high motivation and willpower, but very soon the willpower fades away and people give in to their cravings. Here are some simple tips that will help you out in overcoming binge eating! It is actually easier that you think. 

The main reason why people are unable to keep themselves on track and give in to cravings, is because they think ”oh, I can NEVER eat ice-cream or pizza again!” Or they believe that in order to lose fat, they MUST follow their diet strictly at all times and make no compromises of deviating of course. And a lot of the diet programs are very strict and don`t allow you to eat the ”forbidden“ foods at all. But do you really have to be that strict to lose fat?

If you ask advice from the people who managed to lose a huge amount of fat and make an incredible body transformation, they will tell you that they did have cheat meals. If your weakness is pizza for example, then you can still eat pizza while on a fat loss program – you just have to enjoy it in smaller quantities and infrequently. You can think of your diet like a pressure cooker. More and more pressure will build up inside the pot on the stove. If there is no release valve or outlet, the pressure will increase more and more until it breaks. Sooner or later everyone breaks.

If you are at the beginning of your diet and fat loss program you feel really energetic, positive and have plenty of willpower. But the longer you stay on a very strict diet plan, the more willpower you need to keep going. And if there is no release along the way, then eventually you give in to food cravings. Overcoming binge eating is very hard for people, because of this mindset. But if you eat a few slices of pizza each week, you let off some stream and the pressure eases. The people who can`t stop eating go from very strict diets to binge eating very quickly. It is either one extreme or the other extreme.

cheese-pizza-cravingFor example one slice of pizza with cheese, meat and vegetables is about 184 calories. Which is not really that much. And if you allow yourself 5 slices a week, it will add up to 920 calories. And if you exercise regularly and follow your diet plan really well, you can allow yourself a few slices of pizza a week. Overcoming binge eating is all about your mindset and finding the right balance.

It is not the good if you are 100% strict and not good if you keep eating all the time. So if you are thinking ”I can`t stop eating,“ then try to find the balance. You can look at pizza or any other cheat meal as a small reward. If you have done really good during the week, you can allow yourself a little treat!

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