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Secrets To A Healthy Diet

At one point you have heard of this statement “prevention is better than cure”. When it comes to health matters, there are no limits to the extent that one can go to secure his or her well-being. Many people get to spend a lot of money, a good portion of their accumulated fortunes just to stay healthy all their lives. Such expenses go to securing of the best life insurance covers or sophisticated health cover policies. In my opinion, this is quite ironic or rather in better terms absurd, or both considering that there are better and more effective ways that will guarantee you a healthy living and are affordable, all you have to do is dedicate some a little bit of effort.

When it comes to eating, we all have our preference some of which end up to be healthy eating habits and some have been known to cause lots of health complications. A healthy diet is not that hard to come up with and contrary to what many may think, it may come at a lower cost, all you have to do is to dedicate a little more effort towards it.

eating-healthy-foodsSo what exactly is a healthy diet, one might wonder? There are many definitions of what a healthy diet is but the most commonly adopted definition is that specific type of diet that is known to improve the general health status of an individual. A healthy diet basically involves the consumption of not only the appropriate amounts of essential nutrients but also the intake of clean water. Its importance cannot be emphasized beyond lowering of risks of getting chronic health conditions such as heart diseases, obesity, cancer and hypertension.

Healthy Diets Recommendations

There are a lot of sources from which you can obtain nutrients which constitute a healthy diet. Foods are the main sources of these nutrients and thus in order to have a healthy diet, you need to consume the right amounts of fats, proteins (both animal and plant proteins) and complex carbohydrates. You also need to have sufficient supply of calories which are known for the provision of energy in addition to micro nutrients in order to meet the basic requirements of human nutrition. Remember that, you do not have to consume excessive amounts as it may lead to excessive weight gain or even toxicity in your body.

According to WHO,  a healthy diet comprises among many others, the consumption calories in equal amounts as what your body is using as it has been known that a healthy weight can only be achieved through a balance between the amount of energy consumed and the amount of energy the body burns. Also, it is important to increase intake fruits, legumes, vegetables, whole grains and nuts as nutrients are not only found in animal foods but in plant foods as well.

Lastly, healthy diet involves a lot and the important thing to remember is that the fundamental principle behind a healthy diet is eating a wide variety of foods. This is important as you will be able to get different nutrients from the consumption of different types of foods.

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