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Weight training for women: Learn the reasons why weight training is so necessary!

There are countless women who really want to be lean and look sexy, but achieving that ideal body is out of reach for most. Not because it can not be done, but because women believe that excessive cardio and strict dieting are the only tools, that help them achieve this body. The main reason why so many women never achieve the curvy and sexy body that the women in magazines have, is because they don`t use weight training. Weight training for women is often thought of as weird or too manly. The truth is that is necessary and very feminine.

Weight training for women, has very strong dogmatic beliefs. When women enter a gym, then they are generally afraid to try any real weight training machines and equipment, because they believe they are going to get muscular. Women generally do simple leg exercises or just stick to the cardio. But by neglecting proper weight training exercises such as squats, leg presses, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, bent-over-rows and many other essential exercises, women don`t get the benefits of weight training. So what are the benefits of weight training?

Every woman wants to have a curvy body with great legs, butt, small waist and so on. It is actually muscle which gives women these curves and body lines. By working with weights properly – using proper intensity and avoiding very light weights – it is possible to mold your body to whatever you want. Women tend to go overboard with dieting and cardio, which takes away muscle tissue and you therefore lose the curves. All the pictures of fitness models you see in magazines use weight training. The fear of weight training for women is not justified.

There are other reasons why muscle is your friend and something that you can not afford to lose, if your goal is fat loss. I am sure if your goal is fat loss, then you want to lose fat as efficiently and effectively as possible, right? You can think of muscle as a calorie burning furnace – the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn! So you want a big furnace that burns as many calories as possible. So the less muscle tissue you have, the smaller the furnace is and the less calories are burnt.

Weight training for women is beneficial, because it first of all burns calories during the workout. Secondly, it also burns calories after your workout is over, cardio does not. And thirdly, it helps to maintain muscle mass, which also helps you burn more calories. There are large amounts of benefits of weight training for women. Lifting weights also strengthens your bones and joints. Makes you feel and look better, tones your muscles and so on.

A lot of women think that they should be training differently than men do. But in reality there shouldn`t very much difference. If you want to make progress fast, then your first priority is exercises such as squats, leg presses, leg extensions, lat pulldowns, bent-over-rows and all the hard exercises that women generally avoid. Developing big muscles is very difficult for women, because they don`t have enough testosterone. Even if your goal would be to build big muscles, then it would take many years of hard training to achieve that!


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