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How Much Cardio To Burn Fat? The Answer Might Surprise You!

How is it possible that some people do tons of cardio and still don`t manage to lose any weight? Shouldn`t cardio help people to lose weight? These are questions that come up again and again. It is really frustrating if you try really hard to get leaner and you train really hard and have nothing to show for it. There are people who make no progress because they are simply lazy, but there are also people who train hard and achieve nothing. How much cardio to burn fat?

There is no question that exercise helps people to lose fat. If you want to make decent progress and if you have high goals, you must exercise. People who try to achieve fat through diet alone find it much harder to get good results. For those people who don`t get results with cardio, find it hard to believe that exercise is necessary, because they don`t get results with it. But there is actually a very simple explanation why cardio doesn`t work for some folks.

Most people don`t understand that weight loss is about calories; it is a function of calorie deficit. It is not necessarily about how much cardio you are doing. You need to think of cardio as just a tool to achieve the required calorie deficit. Why don`t endurance athletes lose weight, if they are doing tons of cardio? Well ,they don`t lose any weight, because this is not their goal. They increase the amount of calories they consume, so they wouldn`t lose any weight.

How Much Cardio To Burn Fat? 

It is not easy to answer this question, because there is no magic number and it depends of several different factors. To understand how much cardio to burn fat and why sometimes you can not lose any fat, although you are training very hard, you must change your focus. You need to shift your focus on calories in versus calories out, instead of the amount of cardio you do. The only way how you can burn fat, is with a calorie deficit. If you don`t fill this requirement, you will not burn fat.

So we come to the conclusion, that the reason why you are struggling to burn fat with cardio, is because you subconsciously or consciously eat more. Many people, after they have trained hard in the gym, eat more than they should. So basically they cancel out their cardio. You must make sure that you are not increasing your food calories, when you are doing your cardio. Another important thing which also happens, is that the daily activity level can decrease. You might exercise hard and do a lot of cardio, but if you are less active because of that during the rest of the day, you again cancel out your hard work.

How much cardio to burn fat, depends of many factors, as you can see. You must pay attention to these factors, if you want to make any kind of progress. You might only need to do cardio 3 times a week for 30 minutes, if your daily activity level is high and if you keep track of your calories. Hopefully this article helped you understand this somewhat complex topic a bit more.

So readers, what do you think? How much cardio exercising do you do per week? What tips and tricks can you share?

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