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Is Aerobics For Everyone?

Sweat clothes, workout shoes, training bras, jogging pants, these are the normal things that you will find in a person’s bag if they are into fitness. The most common of all physical exercises is called Aerobics. A lot of people mistakenly think that all kinds of exercise are called aerobics. But that’s not true, Aerobics specializes in improving all the elements of fitness. It improves flexibility, muscular strength, and cardiovascular fitness.

Is-Aerobics-For-EveryonePerformed with blaring rhythmic music to encourage the participant to stay active and follow the routine, aerobics helps you to lose weight and teaches you coordinated movements to improve flexibility. It is divided into different categories like beginners, intermediate and advanced. With all the benefits that you get from aerobics, is it suitable and recommended for everyone?

Also called cardiovascular exercise, aerobics activities are targeted and designed to improve your blood flow by increasing your heart. When you do this type of exercise on a regular basis, it may lower your chances of getting health problems. However, as much as this benefits most of us, there are also some health risks involved. Aerobics may be good for you and me but that may not be the case for others. It can prove to be counterproductive if you start exhibiting slight chest pains or too much fatigue.

The moment you start to feel any chest pain, you must immediately consult a doctor. If you experience any type of pain or pressure such as shoulder, arm, or neck pain, you should stop right away and have yourself checked out. This may be an indication that this type of exercise is not meant for you.

You also need to be careful if you have been taking medications for heart illness or high blood pressure. Your existing condition may actually worsen if you engage in strenuous activities like aerobics. Your exercise program must be properly monitored and planned. Your level of exertion must also be suitable to your age, lifestyle, and physical condition. When you participate in a vigorous program, you may end up overexerting yourself. If you have had an inactive lifestyle before and suddenly go gaga over the latest aerobic dance craze, then you risk getting an injury. You need to check if you are really up to it, otherwise this activity can prove to be hazardous.

Another disadvantage that can be associated with aerobics is muscle and joint injuries that you can get from such high impact activities. Constant and rhythmic jumping and sudden movements may prove to be a risk factor. Some people who engage in aerobics should pay attention to their weight. If you are overweight, your joints and bones may suffer from the impact that comes from doing the rigorous step exercises in aerobics.

In conclusion, before going ahead with any fitness plan, consult your doctor because those who plan to engage in any kind of physical activity should get an expert opinion before starting any kind of fitness or exercise program.

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