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The idea of counting calories was developed in the 20th century. Supported by some nutritionists, this method enables people to keep track of the amount calories they consume per meal and the amount of calories burnt when they perform different activities. It is known that high amounts of calories increase one’s weight leading to various lifestyle diseases. This method was, therefore, developed to help people maintain a healthy body or lose weight by analyzing their calorie intake. Although some people have been able to prove that calorie counting has enabled them lose weight, it is not very effective and has other disadvantages. Disadvantages of counting calories

There are many reasons why this method is not suitable when trying to lose weight.

These include:

  • Keeping count of the calories consumed is difficult and depressing in some situations. This is true because most people are not informed of the amount of calories recommended for consumption. One may then notice that he or she is not losing weight as expected leading to depression.
  • It is challenging to count the calories when eating large amounts of foods e.g. in events. This is because the foods are available for you to serve as much as you can. This then leads to a poor counting track.
  • Counting calories makes you anxious and sensitive making you live life with many limits. These may at times limit your interactions and increase your desire for instant results.
  • Some nutrition experts also find it hard to recommend the right amounts of calories since there are various combinations of foods served at different venues e.g. restaurants.


  • There are other methods in which one can lose weight as opposed to counting calories. These include:
  • Eating smaller portions of food. This helps to limit the number of calories consumed per meal while ensuring you have the right amount of food at any given time. However, eating large amounts of vegetables at any given time is beneficial since they contain small amounts of calories.
  • Choose foods with easily digestible calories e.g. whole grain breads. This option is better than counting calories since you are not reduced when it comes to selection of foods for your weight loss.
  • Finally, select the right types of foods to consume as opposed. Desserts, sweets, alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are high calorie foods that can be replaced with natural fruits and vegetables. These will not only help you lose weight, but also allow you to have the right nutrients in the body.

Is the calorie counting the best way to lose weight? No, this is because it is difficult to keep the correct count of the calories at all times; it may lead to improper diet plans, and it is challenging to maintain the plan for a long time and finally, most nutritionists find it hard to give accurate food recommendations for the count. As stated in the alternatives, you can reduce weight without having the listed methods. Additionally, you can use the Ehic card to visit a doctor for additional methods.

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