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Kick That Dieting Obsession!

A few years ago, instead of bringing yellow sunshine into my life, summers used to bring in another color – the blues. Reason? I didn’t have a perfect body I could flaunt at the beach. My only option was strict dieting for some quick weight loss. After trying hard and not achieving much, the blues got worse.

Then one wonderful morning, wisdom prevailed. No! It’s not the end of the world if I’m a few (or many!) pounds overweight. There’s lots more to life than fretting over something I can’t change. And I decided to start living it up. Now summer, winter, autumn or spring, I’m always in the best of spirits. You can decide NOT to ride on the dieting roller coaster. Here are some suggestions.

Think Positive

Firstly, get rid of crazy thoughts related to dieting and quick weight loss. What’s more important is switching to a healthier lifestyle. Even at the cost of sounding clichéd, I’ll say this. When you make smart food choices all through the year; summer or any other season – there’s never a need for a diet! So if you find your thoughts turning negative, just tell yourself, “Stop!”  Thought patterns that aren’t positive don’t help, they destroy.

Organize Your Thoughts

You need to organize your feelings and thoughts regarding why you feel a compulsion to go on a diet or lose weight. Commercials loudly proclaim when it’s time to start using specific products so as to get a perfect body by summer time. Why do you need a perfect body just for summer? Shouldn’t it be just as perfect all year-round? Then you don’t need to look for quick weight loss solutions. Spend some time on reflecting whether there are relationships between your emotions and what you’re eating. If so, try to make healthier meal choices or divert yourself with fun activities whenever you feel like binge eating.

Accept Yourself as You Are


Accept yourself as you are at every moment. It’s probably more likely that you’ll lose weight once you stop obsessing about it. You cannot let your self-worth and entire life revolve around a few pounds. Sometimes making emotional changes in your life can result in changes in your food choices too. Remember, happiness is a state of mind which doesn’t depend on your weight; what’s in your heart and life is more important.

Author: Summer H.


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