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Learn How to Avoid Kidney Stones Before It Happens

It can be very painful for a person to pass kidney stones and it is not something that most people like to experience. If a person does have kidney stones that cause them pain, then he or she goes to the hospital to get more help. But doctors can not really do that much, except prescribe some painkillers until the kidney stones are naturally passed. Or if the stones are very large, then they can use shock wave treatment to break the stones into smaller pieces. People want to know how to avoid kidney stones and there are actually many things a person can do!

Your diet plays actually a very big role in the formation of kidney stones, which are really composed of uric acid, cysteine (an amino acid) and calcium. If you want to learn how to avoid kidney stones in the first place, then you need to change your diet to more alkaline and less acidic. Acidic foods encourage the growth of kidney stones. Many of the foods and drinks that people regularly use are acidic and can cause problems. For example coffee, products of corn syrup, soft drinks, alcohol and some animal proteins are acidic.

Fruits and vegetables are generally alkaline and you should therefore increase your fruit and vegetable content. You should especially try to consume as much fresh and organic vegetables and fruits as possible, because they have the most amount of antioxidants. But there are some healthy foods which do contain oxalic acid and should therefore be avoided such as rhubarb and spinach. Of course you should be drinking plenty of clean water as well, to prevent mineral build-up. [Read6 Easy Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones]

Another way how to avoid kidney stones, is to use herbal medicine. There are a large amount of special herbs which can help with all kinds of health problems and diseases. Some of the herbs that help with kidney stones are joe-pye, meadowsweet and sarsaparilla. These herbs helps to clear the    stones of uric acid, which makes the stones smaller and less of a threat.  To cleanse and dissolve the stones even more, you can try goldenrod. It has been documented that it helps to clear kidney stones really effectively.

A lot of people have also found great relief thanks to the watermelon fast, where for one day you eat nothing but watermelon. This will quickly cleanse the kidneys and the entire urinary tract as well. Regular watermelon fasts can and do help and can hell you get rid of kidney stones for long periods, if not for good.

If you know how to avoid kidney stones, then you will not have any of such problems. The main reason why people get the stones and go through so much pain, is because of a poor diet. If you want to prevent these things from happening then you need to make changes to your diet. The more alkaline and organic foods you consume, the better. When you have the stones regularly, then it is a very clear sign that your diet is less than perfect and changes need to be made. [Read: 51 tips for dealing kidney stones]

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