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Learn The Healthy Benefits of Organic Food!

More and more people have started to become interested in organic foods and for good reason. The diet of the average person in the western world is far from organic. Too many people consume processed and refined foods which cause serious health problems. Obesity is a very serious problem and all the side-effects that come with it. People are starting to understand that their health is very important and organic foods are much more healthier. But what are other health benefits of organic food?

One of the main health benefits of organic food is the high quality. When you get organic food from a well known provider, then you can be sure that the food has been grown and handled according to very strict standards. There are no toxic chemicals that can be found on other foods. When most people buy foods in the supermarket, they generally have no idea what the ingredients really are.

Recent studies have shown that organic milk has more antioxidants, vitamins, CLA and omega 3 than non organic milk. According to the researchers of the Grassland and Environmental Research, Danish Institute of Agricultural Research and University of Aberdeen, organic milk is more healthier than non-organic milk, because the cows are pasture gazed.

The University of California has also reported the healthy benefits of organic food with the 10 year study on organic tomatoes. Since the nitrogen-rich chemical fertilizers are not added to the soil of organic tomatoes, they have a lower nutrient supply. This in turn leads to a greater formation of antioxidants such as kaempferol and quercetin. Antioxidants are very important for the health of the body and prevent many diseases such as cancer and heart disease. [Read: The Importance of Good Food Habits]

There are much more healthy benefits of organic food as well. Since pesticides and chemical fertilizers are not used when growing organic food, they don’t contain any potentially dangerous chemicals that could affect the body. When people start eating organic foods, they can very quickly feel the difference it makes and how much more energy they have.

According to the study conducted by the  Organic Center, the average serving of organic food also contains 25% more vital nutrients, than conventionally grown food. Livestock and poultry consuming organic foods produce eggs and meat which is higher in proteins, vitamins and minerals. Since growing organic foods does not require the use of chemicals, the drinking water is less polluted. Run-off chemical fertilizers add large amounts of nitrate to the water supply.

There are many healthy benefits of organic food and being aware of the type of food you eat is very important. Thanks to the increased popularity and demand of organic food, it has become more available and less expensive. If you get organic food from your local market, instead of massive supermarkets, you help the local businesses as well, which is another benefit. You can grow your own organic food as well, which gives the food you eat more value. And people are generally starting to appreciate the food they eat and the people who grow them.

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