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What Do Your Nails Say About You?

Your nails reveal a lot about your health. Do your nails reflect a rosy touch or a whitish dullness? Bumps, ripples, and other features tell a lot about lungs, heart, and liver diseases.

[quote]Let’s see what your nails say about you[/quote]

 Pale nails


If your nails have a tinge of yellowness, this could mean serious illness. You should not ignore this sign and get yourself tested. Pale nails could signal congestive heart failure, anemia, malnutrition, or liver diseases.

White nails


If your nails are white with dark rim, it indicates liver problems like hepatitis. It is best to talk to your doctor and have yourself checked if your nails have started to turn white.

Yellow nails


When your nails aren’t pale, but yellow, it means that there might be a fungal infection. You should get this checked, else the situation will worsen and the nail bed will start to retract and your nails might crumble. In some cases, yellow nails might even indicate a severe thyroid disease, diabetes, or a lung disease.

Blue nails


Nails don’t go completely blue, but they do develop a bluish tint. If that happens, it means you aren’t getting complete oxygen. This might mean a lung infection, like pneumonia. In some cases, blue nails might even mean heart problems.

Rippled nails


If you have pits or ripples on the surface of your nails, it can be a sign of beginning of inflammatory arthritis or psoriasis. In such cases, it is common for nails to lose color and the skin under the nails to turn reddish brown.

Cracked nails


Brittle, cracked, or dry nails mean that you might have a thyroid disease. If your nails are yellow and cracked, it means thyroid disease and fungal infection.

Puffy fold


If the skin at the base of the nail is puffed up in a fold, it means that the nail fold has inflammation. The puff might even be reddish in color. This indicates a tissue disorder like lupus. It might even mean some form of infection. If it is infection then washing your hands and applying an ointment would suffice.

Dark lines below the nail


If you get dark lines below your nail, you should immediately visit a doctor. Such lines appear sometimes because of melanoma (a deadly skin cancer).

You can diagnose many health problems using your nails. But they are only for preliminary diagnosis. If your nails have any of these problems, you should visit a doctor.

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