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Popular Diet Plans: Atkins and Mayo

It is many people’s dream to eat healthy and not gain much weight. There are many diet plans out there and it can be hard to tell which of them actually suits your needs when it comes to watching your weight. Normally, it is never the case of one shoe fits all as you may think. There are some plans that are specifically designed for different individuals. Therefore, in light of this, it is important to consult your health provider before you decide to go for any weight loss program. This is highly recommended especially if you are having any health complications.

However, there are two diet plans that are popular among many people. They include the Atkins and Mayo diet plans.

1. Atkins Diet Plan: This diet plan was created some time back in 1972 by a cardiologist named Robert C. Atkins. It is a popular low carbohydrate and a lifelong eating plan that has several weight loss and maintenance phases. It basically starts you off with a low carbohydrate eating plan. However, the plan focuses mainly on getting you to eat a diet that is more balanced; containing most of the food groups like protein, and natural fats in addition to the carbohydrate. Even after its creator passed on in 2003, Atkins diet has continued to change over the years. It now offers a healthier approach to feeding than it previously did with its encouragement of eating high fiber vegetable. In addition, it offers solutions to any health related problems that may come up at the beginning of the low-carbohydrate diet. [ReadHow to Get Started on the Atkins Diet]

There are four phases of this diet which also offer accommodation for vegans and vegetarians. These phases are the Induction Phase in which you are required to cut almost all the carbohydrates in your diet thus reducing on the level of calorie intake from this food group. The second phase is the Ongoing Weight Loss – This phase lets you reduce at least 10 pounds from your target. You do this by slowly getting back to some nutrient-rich carbohydrates. Third phase is Pre-Maintenance in which you get to slowly increase the variety of foods you take. You have fruits, veggies and whole grains. Last is the Lifetime Maintenance – This stage is reached after you have achieved your weight loss goal. It is designed to help you maintain your weight at that goal weight.

2. The Mayo Diet Plan: This plan was designed by health professional from the Mayo Clinic and was availed in 2005. The plan basically entails you having to adjust your eating habits which provide a complete overhaul of your lifestyle program. Dieters using this program follow the ‘lose it’ phase in the first two weeks. This is the start of the whole plan and by the end of this phase; dieters normally find themselves minus at least 10 pounds of weight. The next phase is followed by the ‘live it’ phase. Mayo diet plan objective is actually to give the dieters with an ability to take control of their weight by allowing them to eat foods with minimal calorific levels in large quantities. These foods may include fruits, vegetables, legumes, fish, poultry and whole grains.

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