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Tips For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Most moms will tell you that having a baby changes your life and in the same perspective, it also changes your body. During the pregnancy period, it is unavoidable to gain weight and when the period is over. If you are a new mom, you may be surprised by some of the changes that your body will undergo and you will be left wondering why your belly is taking such a long time to go back to its original size, how you are going to lose the extra pounds and if your body will ever go back to its shape prior to the pregnancy.[Read: 8 Tips for Losing Weight After Pregnancy]


It can be difficult, trust you me. Any woman who has added extra pounds during pregnancy knows and understands that it is not enough to simply want to lose weight. It goes without saying that it takes a lot of effort, an effort that would be worth it at the end. Remember that during the process, you will have to juggle between taking care of the new-born and your desire to look like that celebrity picture you normally see on TVs.

However, if you are dedicated, it will not be that hard. Here are some tips on how you can lose the extra pounds gained during pregnancy;

  1. Physical exercise. Engaging in a physical exercise has always been the healthiest way in losing weight and this does not only refer to baby weight alone. Despite being eager to jump into a workout program or diet, it is advisable that you should ease into a light exercise program, one that guarantees your body is free of any injury. Even the fittest moms normally have trouble getting back to their normal exercise routines that they were accustomed to before the pregnancy. Depending on what kind of birth you went through, it can take four to eight weeks for you to be able to fully engage in any serious exercise.
  2. Breastfeeding. This is one way of keeping your baby healthy while at the same time you are losing some excess weight. Breastfeeding has been found by many researchers to be demanding around 500 calories from mothers per day and in so doing, it helps you get rid of some of the weight gained during pregnancy period. It is very important that when you are breastfeeding, you should furnish your body with extra fuel as your body needs it to cater for the increased energy demand. During this time, it is very wrong for you to go on diet as the restriction of extra calories will lead to a decrease in milk supply for your new-born. The good news about this is that you can still engage in some light exercise at the same time you are breastfeeding as it has proven that exercise has no effect on the level of milk production.

It is easy to get stressed out in the process of losing weight. Give yourself time to enjoy your new-born baby and even if your body does not get back to the shape you hoped for, you should not stress yourself as you will be frustrated.

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