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Find Out What Is The Best Cardio For Fat Loss!

Anyone who wants to get into really great shape and be “ripped“ then cardio is necessary. It is possible to get super lean without cardio but it is much more difficult to achieve. It can be really tricky for beginners to figure out what is the best cardio for fat loss. How long should the cardio workouts be? What is the right intensity and frequency? These are all common and very important question. In this article I will answer these question.

Is the fat burning zone a myth? There are plenty of fitness experts who claim that the best cardio for fat loss, is to keep your heart rate in a certain fat burning zone. The theory is that once the heart rate raises out of a certain fat burning zone, then the body stops burning fat and starts to burn carbohydrates. Which is why so many fitness experts recommend low-intensity workouts.

There are serious flaws with this approach. You could take this theory to as far as saying that sleeping is the most effective way of burning fat, because it is a very low intensity activity, so the fat to carb ratio is the highest. If the intensity of an exercise is too low, then people just don`t burn enough calories to have a real effect.

Moderate to high intensity is the best cardio for fat loss. It is true that with higher intensity, people can burn up to 65% of the calories from carbohydrates. But the higher the intensity is, the more total number of calories you burn, which is what really counts. Higher intensity cardio also raises a person`s metabolic rate much more than low-intensity. And of course you need to make sure that you maintain the exercise for long enough duration to burn the required calorie amount. [Read:How to Lose Weight Fast]

The longer your cardio workouts are the more calories you burn, as long as the intensity stays pretty high. A relatively long 30 minute workout with low intensity doesn`t have the required effect on fat loss. Most people need to be doing at least 30 minutes of moderate to high intensity cardio to lose fat.  If your goal is fat loss, then you should aim at 30-45 minute long cardio sessions. The maximum is about 60 minutes and going beyond that doesn`t pay off. If you go beyond 60 minutes, then it is a clear sing that something is seriously wrong with your diet. Basically the best cardio for fat loss, is around 30-45 minutes in length.

The frequency of your cardio training sessions is also an important factor. You might be doing 45 minutes of high intensity, high calorie burning cardio, but if you do it only twice a week, then it is not enough. Three days of cardio per week is the minimum. And how frequently you do aerobic workouts depends of your goals as well. If you want to achieve quick results, then it is necessary to add fifth, sixth and even seventh day. Bodybuilders who are getting ready for a competition, might be doing moderate to high intensity cardio for 45 minutes per day for 6-7 times per week. Basically, to burn fat, you need to burn more calories. So the best cardio for fat loss, is what helps you burn the most amount of calories.

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