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What Happens to You When You Stop Smoking? See The Facts

There are millions of people who want to quit smoking, but haven`t been able to make it yet. Smoking is a very strong habit and it takes a lot of willpower to kick the habit. The major problem is that most people only start thinking about quitting smoking, when something bad happens to their health. It is very important to stop smoking before anything serious happens. So what happens to you when you stop smoking? What kind of benefits can a person expect? People often need a bit motivation and many things happen, when you stop smoking!

The health benefits you get from quitting smoking are substantial and immediate. These benefits are far greater than the potential 5-10 pound weight gain or some adverse psychological effect that may occur. The benefits extend to both women and men, to the health and sick, to the old and young people. If you want to extend the quality and length of your life, then maybe some of these quit smoking benefits will motivate you.

The healing process of stopping smoking already starts after 20 minutes. It is after 20 minutes that your pulse and heart rate return to normal. After 8 hours your ogygen levels return to normal. And after 8 hours carbon monoxide and nicotine levels in your blood are reduced by 50%. After 12 hours of stopping smoking carbon monoxide levels return to normal and after 24 hours carbon monoxide will be eliminated from the body. After 24 hours your lungs also start to clear out of the smoking debris and mucous. And believe it or not, after 48 hours there is no nicotine left in the body. You start to smell better and taste better as well, after only 48 hours.

After 72 hours your breathing becomes much easier, energy levels increase and bronchial tubes start to relax. After 2-12 weeks your circulation improves and lung function also increases. What happens to you when you stop smoking after 1 year? After 1 year of stopping smoking, the risks of coronary heart disease are reduced by half and it declines after that even more. If you have been a non-smoker for already 5 years, then the risk of heart attacks are lowered by half, compared to smokers.

Feeling Good About LifeAfter 10 years the risk of lung cancer are reduced by 50%, compared to smokers. And if you have been a non-smoker for already 15 years, then the risks of lung cancer are reduced to the level observed by non-smokers. The risk of coronary heart disease are also reduced to the level of non-smokers. What happens to you when you stop smoking before the age of 50? Well, if you stop smoking before the age of 50, then you would have halved the risks of dying during the next 15 years, compared to non-smokers.

So as you can see, there are a huge amounts of positive things that happen to you. Everyone can stop smoking, if they really wanted to and used the right techniques for that. The pleasure you might get out of smoking is really not worth it, so try to kick the habit for good. If you have tried to do that before without much success, then you should find out different methods and techniques that are effective.

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