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Wrinkles Indicate Bone Health in Women

Latest studies reveal that laugh lines can offer clues about the health of women’s bones. The findings revealed that women in the 40s or 50s age group tend to have the worst wrinkles if the density of their bones is in the lower range. This means that if you have healthy bones, you are less likely to be affected by wrinkles.

According to Dr. Lubna Pal, this observation is handy in identifying the signs of post menopause in women, especially their risk of fractures without signing for any other costly tests. During her study, Pal studied a total of 114 women who were in their 40s or 50s and had the last period within a time frame of three years. These women were not under any drugs related to hormone therapy nor had any of these women undergone cosmetic procedures.

Each of these women was given scores depending on their face as well as neck wrinkles, taking into account the number and depth of their wrinkles. These women were also marked for firmness of their skin on the region of forehead and cheeks with a durometer. Bone density of the subjects was analyzed using X-rays. In this study, it was found that women having worse wrinkles were the ones with lower degree of bone density [ReadDegree of Skin Wrinkling Indicates Bone Density]

This helped establish the relationship between the wrinkles and bone density as tested in the region of hips, spine, and heels. It is a known fact that both bones as well as skin are the building blocks of the body, and comprise of proteins called collagens. As a person ages, the level of collagen changes, leading to skin wrinkles and sagging as well as deterioration in bone density. It was further observed that long term studies were required in order to determine the relation of wrinkles with bone fractures. So basically, the intensity of the skin wrinkles tells us how vulnerable a person is towards bone problems and fractures.[ReadSkin Wrinkles and Bone Density]

bone-healthBones of hips and femoral neck are rather delicate and may even lead to fatal injury to the individual. In such a scenario, with the study of wrinkles along with other kinds of clinical tests, doctors may establish risk to any individual. However, in order to prove the validity of these claims, further research in this field is important and must be undertaken to ensure greater health for women in the world. But for now, all I can say is that if you have a lot of wrinkles, it is best to take care of your bone health.

Author: Summer H.


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