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How To Find Happiness In Your Life, Despite Heartbreaks, Breakups and Tragedy!

Life is a real challenge and it will really test you. Life is not fair at all to some people. There are people who try really hard to be happy and make their life work, but only end up in more despair. There are also people who have everything going their way and their life is just full of happiness and nothing bad seems to happen to them! It is easy to look at life as unfair. So what is the best way on how to find happiness in your life?


People do not know how to find happiness and they look for happiness from outside of themselves. Most people associate the companionship of others with happiness. The belief is that once you meet the woman or man of your dreams you will be happy. Or once you become successful in business and make lots of money, you will be happy. The truth is that everlasting happiness can only come from within you. You can have access to everlasting happiness  any time. It is something that nobody can give you or take away from you.

It is fantastic to be in love and it is fantastic to be in a relationship with someone. But you should also be happy and find happiness when you are alone. Why does falling in love feel so good? Why is the beginning of a relationship so wonderful and magical?

It is so because at the beginning of any relationship, you have no judgments about your partner. Because you do not know him that well. You love him or her for who they are and it feels good. You love because you feel like it and because you can! And the more you love, the more love you get back! So loving anyone without having any judgments, is what creates happiness. When you love anything you feel good and when you feel good, you are happy.

If you no longer love anyone, it is because judgments have taken over. You start thinking: “I don´t like him/her because of __ and it is really frustrating.”  Whenever you use a statement such as “I don´t like“or “I hate”  it creates negativity in you. It makes you hate your surroundings and the people around you. If you start hating the people around you, then the people around you get restless and uneasy as well.

Of course there will always be things in your life which are not good for you or not in your best interest. But this does not mean you should retain feelings of hate for the situations and people around you. If you create these feelings of hate, you make your life more difficult and don´t give happiness a place to  grow. The best way on how to find happiness in your life is to find things to be grateful for and not to let negative things in your life create feelings of hate inside.  Avoid bitterness at all cost and try to choose peace as much as  you can. You can still find happiness even though you might be a single mom raising 2 kids or if you had some tragic event in your life! Just remember one thing. You only have one life to live and therefore you need to make the best out of it.


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