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How To Have A Wedding On A Budget

It is the most important day of your life and certainly you would want it to be the most beautiful day of your life. Having a beautiful wedding does not imply that you have to spend so much into it. In fact, some of the most beautiful weddings can be planned and executed at the minimum cost. It is important to remember that when planning your wedding, start early, always be on the lookout for unexpected wedding costs that may arise on the way. In addition, use the money you have saved to take care of the wedding expenditures.

How to have a wedding on a budget

Here are some tips on how you can have a wedding that you have always dreamt about ever since you were little using minimum financial resources;

Wedding planner: Most people are of the opinion that wedding planners are expensive, this is not entirely true as some them can actually save you lots of money. Engage the services of a fabulous and well experienced wedding planner as he or she may end up charging you only a small portion of your total intended budget. Most experienced wedding planners normally have contacts in the industry and they will be willing to share with you some cost cutting ideas which will definitely make you save lots of money during the planning process. In fact, they have formed relationships with some of the top florists and jewelers which will make you get the best gem deals in the market.

Number of people on the guest list: The glamour of your wedding should not be attached to a large guest lists. In most cases, the larger the guest list the bigger the budget as you will have to find a bigger venue for your wedding in addition to the increased cost of feeding them at your reception. Your wedding will not be any less beautiful if there are less of you attending.

Wedding venue: This will take a considerable portion of your wedding budget so choosing the right venue from where you can have your wedding will save you a lot of money. Go for a place that is not advertised as wedding venues as they tend to cost more. You can even decide to have your wedding on your own garden instead. Remember to include the wedding reception in the same place as the main event in order to cut down the cost of having to move to a different venue for the reception.

Dress: You might have a specific type of dress in your mind but in the face of limited budget, you will have to reconsider having that dress for your wedding. Instead, a high street wedding dress can do the trick or a second hand dress from online vendors like eBay. On the other hand, give your bridesmaids the freedom to choose their outfits for the day instead of you purchasing for them.

Decorations: Use simple wild floral arrangements, which by the way are easy to create and they are also on trend.

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