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How to Remove Spyware Manually

Learning how to delete spyware manually is knowledge that every computer owner should have. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to perform a spyware removal.

1. End All Programs and Processes: End everything currently running on your computer. Go to the task manager and click on the processes tab to end all suspicious processes. It is also important to end tasks such as media players. Sometimes the spyware on your computer gets resilient and keeps reappearing after you have deleted it. If this happens, you will need to a much more advanced approach.

2. Use the Add/Remove Programs Tab: Uninstalling is an easy way of going about spyware removal. This utility can be found on the Control Panel on your computer. You can identify whether or not what you are looking at is malware by using Google to search the name.

3. Remove the Spyware:  This step of how to delete spyware manually should only be carried out if the Add/Remove Programs step has failed. You will need to open your registry to identify and remove the spyware. When you remove spyware from your registry, always be careful because you might delete important programs that run on your computer. Windows and most installed programs have their settings stored on the Settings of your computer’s registry. [ReadHow to Clean Your Computer’s Registry]

4. Back Up: Learning how to delete spyware manually is not enough, ensure that all your files have been backed up in an external hard disk so that you do not lose anything important.

Learning how to delete spyware manually relieves you from having to download software that may have been created by the spyware makers themselves. Always protect your computer by avoiding sites that have free things or surveys. Only visit sites that are well-known and have a good reputation. Most importantly do not download from unknown sources. This is how most PCs get affected with spyware, trojans and viruses.

Below is a video that shows you step by step guide on how to remove spyware from your PC.

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