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What is The Key to Happiness and Why is it Hard to be Truly Happy?

Some people can deal with life a lot  better than others. They manage to enjoy life, even if it is very hard and full of hardship and tragedy. For some life is a triumph and for others a tragedy. It is easy to feel that your life is a tragedy, if you can not find happiness and you struggle to be happy. Some people turn to religion for answers, some turn to self help and to others to drugs and alcohol. So what is the key to happiness?

Life is like a scary ghost, if you are fearful and intimidated, then it will get the best of you and make you feel unhappy and miserable. But if you fight back and take charge, then you will be in control and your life will be much easier, fulfilling and happier. We are all responsible for our own lives, although it is something we don`t want to acknowledge. It is hard to accept this and see it this way, but it is true. It is much easier to blame somebody else or some other force. If you do accept that you are responsible for your own happiness, you can take control of your life.[Read: What Should I Do With My Life to Find Happiness and Satisfaction?]

Once you take charge, you will be able to create your own luck and turn failures into successes. In the search for happiness, many people become lost. The common belief is that the more material stuff you have and the more money you have, the happier you are. Of course it is great to have a big house, fancy car and to have plenty of money in the bank. There is not a list of things somewhere of the stuff you need to have to feel happy. Those people who think that happiness is about the acquisition of things, are more likely to feel miserable, because they tend to notice the things they don`t have and therefore feel miserable.

Even lottery winners have not become any more happier, after winning millions. In fact the millions have brought more chaos into their lives and made life much harder. So what is the key to happiness, if money and things are not it?

Happiness is really a state of mind. The fundamentals of real happiness are love, acceptance, belief and inner peace. In order to have inner peace, you need to remove all detrimental thoughts. Acceptance is making peace with the way things are and not trying to change things which are out of your control. Love means letting go of resentment and anger. And you also need to have belief, because it requires us to be optimistic and positive, instead of being negative and pessimistic.

Once you know what is the key to happiness, it is much easier to achieve it. Even if life is a struggle and you live in difficult circumstances, you can still find happiness, because it is a state of mind and comes from inside. So if you are able to work on mastering your own mind and take control of your destiny, you will find happiness.

Author: Shohel Kowser


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