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5 Fascinating Techniques to Treat Sagging Neck Skin

Neck is probably the most vulnerable part of the body, which makes it open for all kinds of damage. While most women take care of their face, they forget the neck- and it tells everyone about their age. Although you can get surgery to help your sagging neck skin, many of us don’t want to go under the knife. Here are some ways to slow down the aging process while making the neck appear years younger:

1st method:

Fortify your jaw and neck muscles by taking up resistance exercise using your bare hand like an exercise tool. When you do neck exercise daily, it not just relieves you from strain and tension, but also tones chin and jaw muscles. And when you set your mind to do some neck exercises, it’s a good idea to do some other exercises as well. I bet you haven’t exercised much in the past few days!

There are various neck exercises. Start with simple ones, where you have to look in different directions.

Neck Exercises

2nd method:

A youthful neck needs soft exfoliation. This can be done with a soft washcloth. Also, try this- stretch yourself on the bed. Let your head droop down the edge of your bed. Lift your head slowly until your chin is at the same level as your chest. Count to five and slowly lower the head. Do this 5-10 times.

3rd method:

While you are sitting or standing in a comfortable posture, lift your face upwards. Assume that you have gum in your mouth and you are chewing it. Keep your mouth shut, but not very tightly. Chew 25-30 times (more or less) and then relax, bring your face down and look straight ahead. Do it about 5-7 times twice a day.

4th method:

exercise-ballTake a chair and rest yourself. Now look at the ceiling. Open your mouth wide and try to get your lower lip above the upper lip. Count to three and repeat this exercise. Do it for about 10 times, but make sure that you are comfortable doing it. If it feels uneasy, discontinue with the exercise.

5th method:

Moisturize your neck and face daily. This is especially correct for winter months. Make sure you apply a deep moisturizer during winters. Daily application of moisturizer will keep your skin cells healthy and hydrated. Massage prompts blood circulation, offering significant oxygen and nutrients to skin cells, leading to a younger, smoother look. Also, drink a lot of water- at least 6-10 glasses each day.

Author: Summer H.


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