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Beauty Trends That May Harm Your Health

It’s not just women who want to take care of their looks. Men too, want to look good in order to attract ladies. But there are some beauty trends that actually do more harm than good. In the course of this article, I have discussed seven beauty trends which might have adverse effect on your health.

Make sure you do not to follow these.

  1. Tanning became an obsession a few years back.


People wanted to get the right tone of skin and this is why they went for tanning. But the use of sun lamps or even tanning beds in order to get that bronzed look poses several health risks. These devices emit harmful ultraviolet radiation which damages the skin, leading to premature aging, eye damage, and skin burns, as well as skin cancer. They may also induce addiction to the process of tanning leading to psychological disorders. [Read: The Dangers of Tanning Beds]

2. The teenage style of braiding or even weaving leads to problems of hair loss on permanent basis.

This hair loss known as centrifugal cicatricial (first noticed in African American people) tends to start with the crown further spreading over to other parts of the scalp. Braids as well as weaves are considered as hair treatments in African-American communities. However since these treatment are costly, most individuals leave them for weeks and even months to get most out of money spent, leading to adverse effects of the style.

3. Love tattoos?


Think twice before getting one as they increase one’s risk to Hepatitis C. The needle used in the process gets contaminated with infected blood. Such individuals also have risk of allergies, itchy rashes, and other skin related problems.

4. Botox is being considered by most women as best quick treatment for wrinkles.


While injections are safe, there may be several side effects as well as complications which come to the front in later years. These may include pain, headaches, muscle weakness, nausea, and bruises.

5. Those blue eyes look nice?


Contact lenses are another of those beauty products that cause health risks as they can affect your vision. Users eye injuries and even blindness if lenses are used without the help of a professional.

6. Skin bleaching products tend to have high amounts of mercury which blocks production of melanin pigment of skin.


Mercury exposure may lead to damage of nervous system as well as kidneys and restrain brain development in children. And you thought skin bleaching was cool!

7. Products used or hair straightening may even cause irritation and allergic reaction since they contain formaldehyde as main ingredient.



Your thoughts: Have you or know anyone who has tried something and it didn’t work out? Do share your story with us.  Be safe and use only natural beauty treatments.




Author: Summer H.


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