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Benefits of Cold Temperature Treatments

Since humans belong to warm-blooded animals’ category, too much cold at any time of the day or night can make us feel uncomfortable. This is the reason why we are more attracted towards heat and warmth and instantly feel good in warm jets in saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, and central heating.  People, especially in the UK or the USA, refrain from carrying out any physical activity like swimming early morning due to fear of catching cold.

On the other hand, those residing in the continental Europe have realized the advantages of cold water. Consequently, cold temperature treatments get more response in this part of the world.

Check out some popular cold water therapies below.

LaStone Therapy


In this type of therapy, both chilled and heated stones are used. The hot stones used in the treatment have a temperature of over 50 degrees Celsius. For the cooling effect, marble stones are used, which are taken directly from the freezer and their coldness is adjusted according to the bearing strength of the client. Use of stones with alternating temperatures creates a magical rejuvenating effect on the whole body. This therapy is highly relaxing and leaves you feeling pepped up and recharged in the end. The cold stones initially increase speed of blood circulation and breathing and after a while, when the body gets used to the coolness, muscles in the body begin to relax and it leaves your skin glowing. This treatment is mainly used for eliminating toxins from the body.

Cold Treatments to Try at Home  


There are some cold water/cold shower treatments that can be tried at home. In case, you do not have a shower, you can use a water bowl for the purpose of cold water treatment. Before starting the treatment, you will need to bathe in warm water. After that, pour cold water on yourself, starting from one foot to the leg and finally reaching the hip.

Repeat this step several times and do the same on the other leg.  When you feel that your body can bear the cold, you can pour cold water all over the front and on your back in the end. You can repeat this body warming and chilling process couple of times.  However, if you want to save on water, stick to one-time routine of warm water shower or take a bath followed by cold water bath/ shower.

Apprehensive of Cold Water Treatment?

If this whole idea of running cold water all over your body does not hold any attraction for you, try digging out the facts as to why dancers and athletes follow the routine of putting their limbs knee-deep in ice-cold water. Using ice-cold shower on limbs prevents injuries and also decreases swelling.

Try this treatment once and you will be convinced with its effectiveness. Use a cold water shower immediately after a hot bath to find out whether you like it or not. You will be surprised to experience the rejuvenating feel it gives after a hard day’s work!

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Author: Summer H.


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