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Best Introductory Tool Kits to Get Your Kids

There is simply nothing better for getting your kids into DIY and generally creative tasks than sowing the seeds as early as possible and watching them bloom into something beautiful. It really is no coincidence that those youngsters armed with a kids tool kit from the earliest years are usually those that grow up to be superbly versed in DIY and can even turn their skills into a lifelong profession. Of course, it wouldn’t be advisable to go placing a power-drill in the hand of a toddler, but at almost any stage of a kid’s life there are some excellent ideas for tool kits and similar activities to encourage and nurture this kind of creativity.

Early Years – Peg Sets

In the early years, most will offer their kids the usual peg-and-hole educations sets with an optional hammer, without ever realizing just how beneficial they can be to a child’s development. While not strictly a kids tool kit as such, the principles are all there are help to teach logic, patience and incredibly valuable hand-to-eye coordination to be use all through life. The more advanced and extensive the peg sets – the further their development could go as result.

Toddlers – Plastic Tool Sets

Just because they’re not ready to carve out a new electric guitar body doesn’t mean they can’t pretend, right? Toddlers love nothing more than imitating what they see their parents and other grown-ups do, so why not invest in safe and kid-friendly plastic tool kits and any other accessories you can lay your hands on? From basic imitations saws and spanners to kits with working screws and bolts, these plastic tool kits for children have come a long way and are about the closest thing to the real deal you’ll see.

Over Six – Building Sets

Getting a little older now and with creative juices practically gushing out, there is no better time to consider investing in a good contingency of building blocks, such as Lego or Meccano. Again, these sets may not comprise a kid’s tool kit in their own right – Meccano being the exception – but what they offer is a means by which to inspire and encourage creativity, along with a crucial understanding of physics and the basics of construction. They’ll never know this of course – they’ll be too busy having the time of their life!

Early Teens – Specialist Sets

When looking to upgrade for an early teenager or perhaps begins steering a child down a new path, there are countless companies like Red Toolbox that offer specially designed tool kits for children. These are produced to fit both the size and strength of their young owners infinitely better than standard adult tools, while also offering extensive health and safety protection. These are by far the very best kid’s tool kit options for bridging the gap between carefully supervised experimentation and full-on competency.

Older Teens

The beauty of following all of the above tips from as early an age as possible is the way in which by the time they reach their late teens, any budding handyman (or woman!) will have developed superb hand-skills and a level or responsibility that primes them for the use of full-scale tool sets and hardware. A kid’s tool kit offered at the right age really does have so much more to offer than fun and games alone.


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