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Don’t Ruin Your Precious Relationship!

Relationships are precious and need to be nurtured. We all crave for a happy relation, but are unaware of the things that make healthy relationships. I have noticed that there are certain harmful habits in many women (and men). Steer clear of the following habits. They’re notorious for converting sound relationships into unsound ones.

Criticizing Family

It doesn’t matter what opinion you have of your boyfriend’s family. I’ve seen that once you let your partner know how much you dislike his family or close friends, it somehow creates an irreparable rift in your relationship.

Even if he doesn’t have a great equation with his close ones, no one wants to hear bad stuff about their relatives. He expects you to respect his family, so even if you don’t, just play along – remember; it’s not a good idea to speak bad about ANYONE’s family.

Spying & Snooping

You might think it’s a smart move to keep a constant watch on your boyfriend’s blog and social networking activities. Maybe it’s not so smart.

When you’re aware of his tiniest actions and thoughts, you might dissect each of them unnecessarily. You might draw unwarranted conclusions which will do more harm than good to your relationship.

Publicly Fighting

When couples stay together for a long period, they have arguments- that’s normal. However, fights should never get so out of hand that they’re open for public viewing. Such emotional displays indicate unhealthy relationships.

Public arguments can cause great embarrassment which might result in ultimately shattering the relationship.

Not Controlling Yourself

Simply letting go is detrimental to your health as well as the overall well-being. This might be in the context of not caring about how you look or how much weight you’ve gained.

Such things do not convey very good messages to your partner. He might think that since you don’t care for yourself any more, you’ve stopped caring about him as well.

Trying to Make Him Better

I’ve seen many women do this. They find a perfect guy and fall in love with them. Then they try to change him. Girls, if he is perfect, why change him? Let him be himself. If you force your way of living on him, you will only harm your relationship.

Letting Problems Fester

We all love to believe we’re in a perfect relationship. While trying to maintain harmony at all times, if you’re often staying silent about things that hurt you – it’s going to affect the relationship in the long term. Great communication is the prerequisite of all happy, sound relationships.


Don’t ever lie. Lying for any reason is sure to prove harmful to a long-term, successful future together.

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Author: Summer H.


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