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An Easy 5 Step Guide to Parenting Sensitive Kids

Parenting your kids can be daunting at times, especially if you have a highly sensitive child. I have a friend with a sensitive and shy daughter and she often found parenting her a bit difficult. In such a scenario, you must parent differently in a way that becomes easier for yourself and the kid.

Step 1: Alter your behavior

Though it might seem simple to tell your children to behave well, but some children are not meant for direct teaching – especially those who are sensitive. While dealing with such kids, you must try to adjust your own behavior instead of giving them directions or criticizing them. Accept their sensitive behavior and shower them with unconditional love. Your child will also try to understand you.

Step 2: Work out their triggers

If your child is someone who is more comfortable in small groups than crowded places, then he or she might have the tendency to easily get emotional, overwhelmed, or upset under petty situations. Deal with such kids in a way that makes them feel more secure and safe. Some comforting words are always a good idea.

Step 3: Go ahead slowly

If your kid is easily troubled by different or new situations, then you should never force them into any kind of changes. Rather, you should take it slowly. Do not scold them or try to mend their behavior directly. Instead, provide support to them and help them mingle with others. Remember, it is your duty to make them feel comfortable and hence more self-confident.

Step 4: Concentrate on their positive strengths

Being sensitive might be a little hassle for the child as well as the parent. However, it can sometimes be beneficial as well. Having sensitive feelings towards animals or even people can actually serve as the right backbone for the child’s future career choice. A highly sensitive child is blessed with traits of empathy which help him or her stand out from the crowd. Therefore, you should try and concentrate on such hidden strengths of your child and use them to polish their future career.

Step 5: Do not hesitate from getting help

Sometimes the sensitivity of a child might be related to what is known as sensitivity processing disorder. Acknowledge the symptoms of SPD in your child and consult a pediatrician. Normal symptoms of SPD can also be controlled through a simple SPD diet. However, you should always try to consult your occupational therapists, doctor and other child specialists in such a situation.

Most of the times, sensitivity just fades away with age. My friend’s daughter is now a teen and is no longer hyper sensitive. With the right parenting, your child will grow up to be just fine, and turn out to be the perfect gentleman or lady.

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Author: Summer H.


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