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Enjoy A Holiday In Sydney, Australia

One popular destination for holiday makers is Australia. It is rich in culture, history and the country’s attractions are just out of this world. There are endless activities that one can do, gratifying all the likings a person can have. One’s penchant for all water based activities from kayaking to canoeing to swimming will definitely be gratified as well as hiking and rock climbing. Sydney in Australia is one of the most visited city not only in Australia but also in the world. Its attractions are just awe-inspiring and the ambiance of the city nightlife just as alluring. From the museums, historic sites, colorful markets, The Rocks, exquisite beaches its lures seem to be endless.

The Sydney Opera House stands as a very spectacular and distinctive destination. This iconic building found on Sydney Harbour has an architectural structure regarded as out of this world. This scenic site will have one taking endless photos as it is a intriguing sight that one wants to remember forever. Furthermore, it is home to Australian culture with art and musical performances being done round the clock giving one a chance to see the renowned Opera Theatre. The entertainers include The Australian Ballet, Music Viva Australia, Australian Chamber Orchestra, and Sydney Theatre Company among many others.

Also standing uniquely near the Opera House is the Sydney Harbour Bridge completed in 1932 after 8 years of construction. The bridge marked a huge feat in the field of engineering. Inside the Pylon Lookout one gets a foretaste on how the bridge was built and the entry to the Lookout is through a walkway on the bridge. Climbing the Harbour Bridge can also be an unforgettable experience for the intrepid and all the necessary gear is given to the climbers.


Royal Botanic Gardens also found a stone throw away from the Opera House is one of the most picturesque sceneries in this planet. A walk up the hill gives one a breathtaking view of the harbor below. The aura in the gardens is just calming and the air freshened by the various tree species making it a very popular spot for strolls or/and lunch.

Watson Bay also a well-liked destination is known to be the oldest fishing village in Australia. It is home to several restaurants that serve meals to satisfy any cookery tastes. The first Doyle’s restaurant was also constructed on the Bay. After buying a meal from the famous Restaurant one can opt to eat it in the park with the sea gulls. Other enthralling places that are on the Bay include the Lady Bay, the Hornsby Lighthouse and the scenic Gap.

South of the Watson Bay is the equaling enchanting Bondi Beach. There are endless fun activities from swimming, surfing and strolling on the expansive white beaches while shopping on the various shops for all kinds of souvenirs.

Sydney has numerous historic sites like Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney Churches and Vaucluse House that enrich its history. Plus museums and art galleries like the Australian Museum, Art Gallery of NSW, Bondi Shark Museum and the Discovery Museum: The Rock among many more.

To visit Sydney, Australia one requires an Australian visa whether they are staying for less than 3 days or for several days. Fortunately, one can conveniently apply online for short term tourism. A trip to Australia will be etched in the mind for the rest of one’s life.

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