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Established Methods of Anti-Aging

Anti aging is a complicated process. Many products in the market claim effective anti aging treatment. Here are some effective anti aging methods that will help you get started. If you master these techniques, you will just be doing everything that you can to lead a longer and healthier life.[Read: How To Deal With The Aging Signs That Your Body Is Giving Away?]

Anti-Aging Diet

Dietary habits play a major role in lengthening your lifespan. The main objective of anti-aging diet is to make an individual shed weight. Anti-aging diet is basically about following two things, namely, calorie restriction and in-take of modified Mediterranean diet.

Calorie Restriction

Calorie Restriction

Calorie restriction does not imply that you need to starve yourself to be able to cut down your weight. This method remains the only proven way to reverse the aging course. Further, you have a little chance of developing chronic disease such as cardiovascular ailments.

Modified Mediterranean Diet

This diet includes the following elements:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Mixed proteins from fish, lamb, goats, and chickens
  • Olive oil
  • Wine in moderate quantities
  • Unrefined ancient whole grains for pasta and bread

Sesame Oil

Sesame Oil

Massaging sesame oil all over the body including your scalp, not only enhances hair growth but also makes your skin glow. The anti-oxidant properties in sesame oil are responsible for slowing the aging process. Also, it has been found that sesame oil can also aid in weight reduction.

Fish Oil

Fish oil is considered excellent for heart and it also enhances immune functions, thereby facilitating hair growth and increasing skin’s radiance.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Aging is an ailment characterized by degenerating hormonal health. Research results suggest that average life span of an individual can be extended. Hormone Replacement Therapy

or HRT has two principal types – combined therapy and estrogen-only therapy. Estrogen has been found to slow down aging process in a woman’s body.

Put that Java Down

Frequent consumption of coffee and tea has detrimental effects on your body. You experience short-term stress, cellular degeneration and bone demineralization leading to acceleration of the aging process. So, your love of coffee has to take a back seat if you desire younger looking skin.

Eating White Sugar

Eating White Sugar

In order to stay clear of aging effects, you should avoid taking processed sugar in higher amounts. Otherwise, it can speed up the aging process thereby weakening collagen in your skin. This in turn triggers premature wrinkles and sagging. Here’s another helpful tip. Consume fruits that have a high amount of fiber but less percentage of sugar.

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