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Parenting Mistakes That I Make All The Time

My children usually behave well. They don’t lie or steal. They make no major issues at their school. Does that mean that I am a good parent?

Well, yes and no. It is true that I have raised my children in the best possible way. However, I still make mistakes that I am ashamed of admitting.

I Can’t Get Rid Of My Cursing Habit

If things go wrong or against my expectations, I can’t help but utter some choice expletives. It doesn’t mean that I curse like a sailor. I don’t, but every now and then, an expletive or two escape my lips. I know this is a sign of bad parenting because my innocent children are listening to every word I say.

I Yell All The Time

I yell at my kids whenever they do something that I don’t approve of. I don’t abuse them physically or emotionally, but I do shout.

I Forget The Rules

I have set many rules for my children. I don’t let them watch TV all the time. I don’t let them stay up too late. I don’t let them go out to play before they complete their homework, but if I am really busy and can’t attend to them, I relax the rules a bit.

If I really want some time to myself, I let my kids watch TV or play video games longer than they should. I know this isn’t right.

I Let Them Eat Junk Food

I know how important it is to inculcate good eating habits in my kids. I always make a conscious effort to stay away from junk food. I know it is bad for my kids, but when they express their desire to have them, I just can’t refuse. Worse, I always reach for those boxed foods when I am too tired to cook a proper meal.

I Don’t Give Them The Attention They Need

I know my kids need my attention, but I don’t always manage to give it to them. My cell phone and social media activities often come in the way of my spending quality time with them.

There are days when I am convinced that I am a failed mother. But I love them unconditionally and I hope that my mistakes won’t leave any effects of bad parenting on them. Probably all mothers make the mistakes that I make. I am not justifying my faults, but we are all humans possessing many inherent flaws.

Author: Summer H.


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