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Why You Should Delay Motherhood

If you are a career-oriented woman, having children early in your life is not exactly advisable. Parenting is a full-time job and once you become a mother, there is no going back. It will invariably affect your work and life balance. That explains why you should never have children until you are fully ready for it.

I have seen many women struggle with their work-life balance, and learning from their experiences with work, life, and kids; I guess I can offer some useful advice.

My best friend was thirty-five when she had her first baby. There were many reasons why she waited long to conceive. First, she was not emotionally ready to have kids. Second, she hadn’t found the man she would like to have kids with. She met the right guy when she was 34 and immediately after marriage they decided to have babies.

Does Delaying Motherhood Make Sense

When you wait to conceive, you will have to deal with a lot of questions. It is quite natural. Your parents, well-wishers and doctors will always insist that you should have children in your 20’s.

Having babies early in your life does have its advantages. A twenty-something woman is healthier and her chances of giving birth to healthy babies are also high.

Why Waiting Too Long Is Risky

If you wait very long to have babies, you will probably have none at all. While many women in their mid-thirties or early-forties have no difficulty conceiving, others are not that lucky. When you conceive in your 30’s or 40’s, your chances of giving birth to an autistic baby are relatively higher. Yes, these are valid reasons to have babies early in your life; however, there are also many reasons to delay your pregnancy.

Why You Should Wait

Parenting is tough. It requires sacrificing your financial freedom and independence. You may have a helpful husband and a supportive family; still, attending to a baby is not easy.

Very few women (or men, for that matter) in their early twenties have the financial means to raise kids. You will probably also have to put your career on hold after having a baby. This will further limit your chances of becoming financially independent. That is why I insist that you should wait, until you are emotionally and financially ready to become a mother.

So, should you delay your motherhood? After going through the points given above, examine your situation and take the right decision.

Author: Summer H.


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