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6 Golden Rules for Beautifying your Eyes

Beauty is an aesthetic discernment of an individual or object. Eyes are a prized part of our body and they need special attention. The following are the six steps and tips that can facilitate a girl transform her fatigued-looking eyes into bright looking eyes (these are the steps I follow):

Step 1: The right color: Want to pick the right color? Select colors that measure correctly on the color wheel. If you have blue eyes, pick colors from the red and orange family along with corals and bronzes. Brown eyed girls should choose charcoal, blue, green, or teal. Green eyes look awesome with lilac and purple mixed with greys and golds.

Eye Lid Color

Step 2: Proper eye care: Many women experience the problem of dark circles around their eyes.Simple solution- wake up your tired eyes by using products that are packed with beauty loving vitamin C that decreases animal pigment production, and antihemorrhagic factor that breaks down pigments within the blood. But if you are looking for a simple tip, just give your eyes some rest. Seriously, if you have been toiling around in the office and working hard at home, all you need is your beauty sleep.

Dark Circles Under Eyes

Step 3: Go for bold brows: It is very important to define the eyebrows as they frame the face. Can you imagine a pretty face without good looking eyebrows? Me neither! Take a liner, and if you want to add some volume, apply a pencil wherever you need it to thin it out. When applying pencil liner on lash lines or eyebrows, do it carefully. The purpose of using eyeliner is to thicken the eyelash roots thereby making them appear lusher.

Bold Eyebrows

Step 4: How to tackle crow’s feet: Ultra-rich creams could be the apt solution for dealing with crow’s Feet. Dryness can intensify eye wrinkles, so make sure to use a good cream twice in the day. To stop the development of fine lines, rub a good quality sunscreen and buy a pair of oversize shades to reduce squinting when you go outdoors.

Wrinkles Under Eyes

Step 5: Apply mascara: Mascara is yet another method for brightening your eyes. I bet you already knew that. Make sure you use only high quality mascara because low quality mascaras might save some dollars, but they will do more harm than good.

Applying Mascara

Step 6: Don’t overlook curls: Curling the eyelashes is a quick method to make your eyes look bigger. Further, don’t forget to completely cup the lashes and pinch near the roots for the best impact.

These are the 6 golden rules for beautifying your eyes. Do you have any tips that you know worked for you and would like to share? I’d love to hear from you.

Author: Summer H.


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