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Fashion Do’s and Don’ts at The Workplace

Whether you are just going for an interview or you already have a job, the rules for fashion at the work place have not changed.  A lot of people dress to impress during an interview until the first month they are hired. Then people usually stop caring about their wardrobe and turn into slobs.

The office or workplace is a place where you meet clients and friends. Its also a place where you earn money for a living. So how is it that some employees dress so casually as if they are going to the supermarket? It’s either they dress down or they dress up too much. When they overdress, I call it, you would think they are going to some soiree.


Therefore, it is recommended that you invest in some high quality clothes for your work wardrobe because you want to look relaxed but professional at the same time. When you do decide to go shopping for some new clothes, don’t spend a fortune on them  and waste your money on fancy clothes. You do not need to spend a lot of money on a wardrobe for work and there’s no need to  even buy designer clothes. However, it’s a good idea to invest in some quality pieces of clothing. When we say invest, it is either you buy a moderately priced mix and match set of clothes or you spend time looking for suits and office wear that fits your budget. Buying quality pieces may be expensive so be sure that whatever you are buying will be of good quality and one of classic design. You should not buy something that will only last for a season.

Do consider the workplace temperature but do not let it affect how your total look should be. If you find the office too cold for comfort, normally you would be more inclined to bundle up. Learn the art of layering clothes as you do not want to wear a very thick sweater when the weather outside is too hot. With layering, you can cover up yet you have something underneath that still looks decent to wear if you remove the thick Alaskan fur that you have on. Same thing applies if it’s summer and all you can think of is getting a tan.

Others may come to the office and wear tank tops, miniskirts, or shorts. These are not what you would call clothing that’s appropriate to wear to the workplace. Unless of course your company decides that you dress down or dress up for the day.  Those are the only instances where you can deviate from what is considered the norm.

Work Proper Attire Do wear something that will make you feel comfortable but do not wear something that is meant to be worn in  the comfort of your own home. Some women are more comfortable wearing loose clothing but you must assess how your overall look will be. You do not want to look like a sack of potato wearing something so shapeless.

Do wear something to cheer you up. A color of your own choice is good to wear because it cheers you up, however don’t combine too many colors in one set as you may end up looking like someone from the show “What Not To Wear”. If you are wearing something bright, it would be a good idea to stick to one solid color.

The main secret on how to be successful with fashion at the workplace is to be conscientiouss and dress according to your company’s dress code. Be discreet and accessorize moderately. You do not want to look too outlandish when dressing . You can still look stylish and beautiful without going overboard.  If you do not know what to do and how to do it, it doesn’t hurt to check out magazines and books that can help you dress smarter.

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