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Secrets That No Esthetician Admits

Sunday morning and I’m off for a relaxing facial massage. It is not just relaxing, but is also clears my pores and gives me a healthy glow. But you need to learn more about facial massages before you go get one, because some chemicals are bad and a particular peel might become a horrible choice for you. And no matter how close you are to your esthetician, there are some secrets she won’t tell you. Let’s look at some of those.

  • Not all of them are trained. Most estheticians are untrained for using extraction procedures or other scar inducing processes. It is important to ask the facial expert about their training or even recommendations.
  • All of this can be done at home and you can save money. A good esthetician may work wonders on your face. However, similar results may be obtained at home. One must follow proper routine, involving mask treatments and you’ll notice the same spa effect at home. It is advised to incorporate a massage into the daily cleansing routine as this would tone your muscles, improve blood circulation, and remove toxins.
  • They recommend products for commission.


One must not be mislead by the sales pitch projected by the esthetician. They usually recommend products based on their experience with particular skin types. Most beauty products are made of similar ingredients and therefore you can choose similar products and save money.

  • They might not have the best skin. You must never hire the services of an esthetician who is “zitty”. An esthetician with bad skin indicates her inability to take adequate care of her own skin; imagine how she will handle yours.
  • Truth is important. While you may hide your unhygienic habits, skin professionals can easily find the real cause behind the condition of your skin. Mostly scabbing and infected sores indicate dirty nails as well as unhygienic habits. No matter how much you hide, they get to know about your dirty stuff.
  • Start with milder treatments. Instead of going in for a peel and microdermabrasion, which may damage delicate skin types, one must try a micro current facial. This is an easy procedure and most individuals get fabulous skin tones after this process.
  • You cannot see immediate results.

Though your esthetician might praise your looks after the massage, but the truth is that facials don’t give instant results. Their real value is ascertained after sometime. Facials lead to skin care that ensures graceful ageing which will not require any nips or tucks in order to look good.

Author: Summer H.


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