The Style Advice That Actually Works

The Style Advice That Actually Works

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The web is overflowing with fashion advice for women. I feel most fashion tips for women are vague, a bit over-the-top, and don’t seem realistic. I have taken the time to gather some practical style advice that doesn’t require too much money or effort and is relevant for all seasons:

Get The Fitting Right

Rather than fretting over the brand, spend more time on understanding your body measurements. My counterparts often shop a lot only to realize later that a seemingly perfect outfit just doesn’t look great! When you are out to shop, take the time for repeated fittings. I have exhausting and long fitting sessions. Usually, I take along a couple of friends who are brutally honest and give me advice right to my face. Honesty works beautifully here. Some of my heavily discounted outfits that seem like million dollar purchases because they fit so well.

Know Thy Hues

You should have a personal list of colors that make you look great and those that can turn into an ugly duckling. I seldom venture beyond my list. I have a mix of warm and cold colors and I mix them with restraint. I recommend understanding what tones make you look better and searching for them with dedication.

Don’t Suffocate Or Balloon Yourself

Fashion statements keep changing every few weeks. I have realized that sticking to them is a major mistake. Try to stay away from trends that make skinny jeans too skinny and loose-fittings jeans that seem to look like I’m carrying a kangaroo’s pouch. Don’t dress too tight or loose. Baggy clothes don’t make a great impression just like those that choke you.

Before Buying, Walk The Walk

When out shopping, I prefer walking around for a few minutes. This is a crucial test. I try to find out the overall level of comfort. Apart from the fitting, the feel of the fabric and they way it wraps my body is important. Whether it is new shoes or jeans, always do the walk.

Sometimes Solo Works Best

Yes, I vouch for shopping with friends. However, I have realized that every once in a while, I need to shop alone. These solo shopping sessions give me the space to experiment more, take lots of time without feeling guilty, and dig out discounts.

There are many other tit bits that I can write here. But the main thing that you should follow is your own comfort. Make sure you’re comfortable with whatever style you adorn.

Author: Summer H.


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