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Weird Beauty Treatments: Yes, These are Real!

While many men and woman try expensive treatments to rejuvenate their beauty, others just try to enhance what they are born with. Wait a minute; don’t assume that this is just another article on mud masks and natural therapies. What we are going to reveal to you right here is going to be something you have never even heard about even in your wildest dreams. After reading through this article, you’ll realize that people go to the weirdest extent to look pretty even at the age of 50. These unorthodox techniques might shock you so read ahead only if you are not weak hearted!

Baby foreskin lotion
One product that is flying off the shelf in spite of its unearthly nature is the baby foreskin lotion. The makers of this super expensive lotion say that it might just turn back the hands of time. They claim that it is an excellent lotion for rejuvenation of the facial skin. Hmm… baby foreskin lotion… No thanks, I’ll pass.

Whale puke perfume



Whale puke perfume, also known as the sensuous ambergris, is a perfume made from whale vomit. It is used to attract the opposite sex. Pheromone lotions also run on similar lines. They are known to attract the opposite sex and make you totally irresistible. Well I don’t know how irresistible this perfume will make you, but I won’t try it.

Bull semen hair solution
Bull semen hair solution is another one of a kind mix. It is used to revive hair that has been destroyed under the harsh heat of hot iron or blow dryer. Did you always have a craving for bull semen? Well now you can try this for long lustrous hair.

Snail goo moisturizer


Still not grossed out? Then try out the snail goo moisturizer. It might sound extreme tor you, but actually it’s the staple of many beauty treatments in a lot of countries. It is one of the rare solutions that can help remove scars and stretch marks.

Other weird stuff
Believe me, there is a lot more going on. To stay pretty, people are even consuming human placenta and collagen marshmallows. These are known to prevent wrinkles and pause ageing.

Snake venom facial and bird droppings are another form of magic beauty potions. Leave behind your old dead skin. These are said to be successful techniques to enhance beauty, and the response they are getting clearly shows that these lotions and solutions are here to stay!

Leech detox, fish pedicure and snake massage are few others to name. Beauty treatments sell like hot cakes- the weirder, the better right? Do you know some weird stuff you want to share?

Author: Summer H.


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