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How To Get the Perfect Manicure: Here’s How

No matter how much makeup you apply, your hands can always give away your age. But there are some tricks that can hide age give-always like age spots and veins. Studies have shown that hands look younger when they are adorned with good quality nail polish. You can make them look even younger and better using manicure. Here are some hot tips for manicure.

File them

Don’t use a cheap nail file as it can weaken your nails, making them peel or split. There are some crystal glass files available in the market that have a superfine grit that gives chip free and clean nail edges.

Shape them

Make sure you preserve the sidewalls. For this, you can take an emery board and sharpen your nail tips. Do not file the sides of your nails as it makes them weak. Also, do not keep your nails longer than a quarter inch beyond fingertips. This gives them a younger appearance.

Groom them

Do not snip cuticles. That extra skin is there for the growth of your nails. If you cut the cuticles, it can make the nails thinner. Instead of cutting them, you can moisturize the cuticles and gently push them back. There are cuticle sticks available in the market, but if you can’t find one, you can also wrap a tissue around a pencil eraser and use that.

Prep them

Dark nail polishes are not good for the nails as they cause long term staining. To protect your nails from becoming yellow, apply a little base coat before using nail polish- especially if you have to apply a dark color. And if your nails are already yellow, rub them with lemon wedges.

Paint them

Metallic polishes are the best. They not only look great, but also since they reflect more light, they help in hiding small nicks. So if age is showing wear and tear on your nails, metallic colors are best to hide that. Make sure you get only high quality nail polish that protects your nails better.

Top them

To top it all, you need a good top coat. There are some top coats that are thin and thus dry fast. But they chip really easily, so make sure you get only a good quality top coat that stays for long. Some companies also offer top coats with UV filters and you can try them.


Apart from these manicure tips, make sure you take a healthy dose of vitamin B that will keep your nails healthy and glossy.

Author: Summer H.


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