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Gorgeous Make-Up Experiments to Try This Summer

If you’re bored of the right and the regular, if you no longer want to treat make-up as a daily chore and instead indulge in it as a fun hobby, have had your fill of cosmetic experts telling you exactly how and what to do to your face to achieve the perfect look,  are done with the concept of perfection in itself and would rather try something bold, crazy, new and whacky – read on to learn about this season’s topmost gorgeous, unexpected and offbeat trends to experiment with.

Let your Lashes Flourish


Gone are the days when pale and meager eyelashes were regarded as a thing of beauty. Now is the time to enhance your face with great make-up tips and tricks. Embrace the natural, the wild, the thick, and the luscious – especially when it comes to eyelashes. I like full lashes – well, who doesn’t? Lush lashes that define and accentuate the eyes are certainly one thing to try this season, as they have certainly managed to enamor some of fashion’s best authorities. If you have naturally pale lashes, you could go for artificial lashes and the effect would be as raw and sensuous as natural lashes.

Let your Brows be Thick and Bold

Do you sometimes get tired of getting your brows done? Me too! One of the latest fashion trends to be spotted this summer is the acceptance and appreciation of bold and thick eyebrows. You could let your eyebrows be go un-pruned, or you could prune them just a little. Or if you have naturally sparse brows, you could go for brow filling pencils to make them look naturally thick.

Try the Sea Colors Around Your Eyes

Another rapid trend that has caught worldwide popularity and looks like it is here to stay for a while is the use of turquoise or green colored eyeliners to accentuate the eyes and make them the focal point of your face. Of course, this is an area you should venture into only if you have eyes saucy enough to deserve the attention. Again, untidy looking eyeliner is worse than no liner at all. Hence, go for it with care and caution.

Go For a Full-Face Glow

If you are a stickler for cheekbone highlighting, this will certainly be a wonderful way to change the way you look, and in a positive way! Apply primer, foundation, and a little shiny blush all over your face, with special emphasis on areas that will not see other make-up. As a result, your nose, forehead, etc. and your entire face will radiate like you want it to!

Experiment with these make-up tricks and let us know how it turned out for you.

Author: Summer H.


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